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BARKAA Drops Defiant Anthem ‘Preach’

According to BARKAA, “it’s takeover season for Blak artists in this country”


Tristan Edouard

BARKAA is back with her second single of 2024, “Preach”.

As is her wont, BARKAA speaks truth to power on her latest song, reminding listeners that their voices can be vessels for change. And the rapper and artist is typically self-confident, declaring, “I ain’t going nowhere sis.”

“’Preach’ is a big fuck you to anybody who still doubts you today and doubted you yesterday,” she explains. “It’s about having a voice… that we’re allowed to big-note ourselves and be loud in our successes and achievements. That I don’t have to stay in the bucket the colony put there to drop my people in.

“I made it out of that bucket so I can come back and kick it over. I got a new team, I turned over a new leaf and got rid of people not only in my personal life, but in my work life, who were doing me wrong.”

According to BARKAA, “it’s takeover season for Blak artists in this country.”

“We ain’t getting the wool pulled over our eyes anymore. If they try, they’ll fuck around and find out,” she adds.

“Preach” follows BARKAA’s previous 2024 single “We Up”, and both follow last year’s powerful single “Division”, which found BARKAA taking aim at the rejection of the Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

“Whitefellas were worried that they were going to lose their houses and stuff. And it was all lies and falsehoods. The Vote No campaign, and I mean the whole No campaign, encouraged a nation to be dumb. It encourages a nation not to read and to be stupid. Like, why are you encouraging people not to read about their country’s own constitution and their country’s own laws?” Barkaa shared at the time

BARKAA recently completed a sold-out run of live shows, which included an appearance at Vivid LIVE at Sydney Opera House.

BARKAA’s “Preach” is out now via Bad Apples Music.