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The 50 Best Miley Cyrus Songs

She can’t stop, she won’t stop — from Hannah Montana to Bangerz to “Flowers”

The 50 Best Miley Cyrus Songs


Miley Cyrus has lived a hundred musical lives since she burst onto the scene at 13 years old as the titular star of Hannah Montana. Born into a country-music dynasty (her dad is, of course, Billy Ray Cyrus and her godmother is Dolly Parton), the budding teen idol fused her Southern upbringing with the Disney pop needed to make the fictional Montana successful. But it takes a true star to shine brighter than her alter ego, and Cyrus met the challenge with ease, transitioning quickly into a pop force in her own right.

Since 2007’s Meet Miley Cyrus, she has been in a constant state of musical evolution. Her journey has brought her to Eighties pop, metal pastiche, trap music, psychedelic art rock,and even back to country. But within all her eras, she can’t (and won’t) stop just being Miley.

Ahead of her eighth album, Endless Summer Vacation (out March 10), we compiled the top-50 Miley Cyrus songs. This includes material she recorded as fictional characters, as well as officially released covers she couldn’t help but make her own.

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‘Wrecking Ball’

The Bangerz era was meant to upend Cyrus’ career. It was bold, brash, and abrasive in its delivery, from the first tongue-out twerk. But beneath the surface was a big broken heart, mending itself together again. “Wrecking Ball” serves as the emotional core of Cyrus’ fourth album and a true turning point in her pop career post-Disney. Though the song was originally written for Beyoncé, Cyrus meets its vocal challenges with both flourish and theatricality. Above a wash of moving, neon synths, she belts out a power ballad about the end of a relationship she can’t quite shake, one that has left her demolished. Her natural twang gives the song a great country essence, like her godmother Dolly Parton’s original take on “I Will Always Love You.” In an era focused on shocking visuals, Cyrus made sure that big voice of hers was heard. And it was loud and clear. —B.S.