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Ten Artists to Watch on The 2020 BIGSOUND50

Three-panel image of BIGSOUND50 Artists Kee'ahn, Harper Bloom, and Yawdoesitall

Kee'ahn, Harper Bloom, and Yawdoesitall are just three of the stunning collection of artists featured in the BIGSOUND50

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While BIGSOUND 2020‘s virtual conference experience has just officially wrapped up, its highlighting of up-and-coming local talent is far from over.

In absence of the annual conference’s live program in Brisbane this year, organisers are using BIGSOUND50 as the next best thing.

“The BIGSOUND50 are the 50 artists BIGSOUND believes the world should be paying attention to in 2020 and beyond,” said Dom Miller, BIGSOUND co-programmer.

The 50 local acts which make up the BIGSOUND50 are set to receive 12 months worth of coverage across all BIGSOUND platforms, as well as mentoring sessions, one-on-one meetings and more growth opportunities to help sustain their careers.

While each of the 50 acts possess undeniable talent, Rolling Stone Australia is putting a great big spotlight on 10 of the artists listed. Check them out below.


Image of BIGSOUND 50 artist Southeast Desert Metal


Southeast Desert Metal

Name: Southeast Desert Metal

Origin: Santa Teresa (Ltyentye Apurte), NT

About: Described as the “most isolated metal band in the world”, Southeast Desert Metal hail from the 500-population community of Ltyntye Apurte (Santa Teresa), about 70km from Alice Springs. Having toured all over Australia and releasing three albums across their decade-long history, the group’s sound was born from being sick of “all the reggae bands in the bush,” with a spot on the BIGSOUND 50 set to serve as the next chapter in an already-impressive career.

What the Future Holds: Playing BIGSOUND is a step in their ultimate journey to play the biggest festivals in the country and eventually the world. All they can ask for is to keep writing songs, releasing music, and getting their music out there to those who listen.

“I grew up in the desert, learning Dreamtime stories from my Auntie, listening to Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Black Sabbath,” explains guitarist and vocalist Chris Wallace. “I always wanted to play like my idols.

“I started the band when some younger fellas in the community started wanting to play a heavier sound too. Music is a way to connect with people and share a message.”

Image of BIGSOUND 50 artist Sycco



Name: Sycco

Origin: Brisbane, QLD

About: The musical moniker of 19-year-old Sash McLeod, Sycco has managed to turn heads thanks to the release of tracks like “Peacemaker” and “Nicotine”, with the latter seeing her earn a feature as Apple Music’s New Artist of the Week and an appearance on the cover of Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist.

What the Future Holds: “It’s sort of exciting to know that nobody knows what’s next!! … We are all in this together and figuring it out as we go,” Sycco explains.

While travel restrictions have been in place, she’s been using Zoom to collaborate on songs – she reckons that people are more at ease in their own homes. “I’ve met and connected with some of the best people this year doing them!”

Image of BIGSOUND 50 artist Yawdoesitall



Origin: Sydney, NSW

About: A Ghanian-Australian artist based in Western Sydney, Yawdoesitall creates an immersive brand of experimental, progressive hip-hop which fuses together genres as he combines gorgeous instrumentals to make eclectic sounds filled with bright energy, intricate production, and witty lyricism.

What the Future Holds: “I love performances. watching artists like Travis Scott and Tyler the Creator move crowds off songs they wrote and made in their bedroom drove me to make this dream come through.

“Over the period of time, I made this a lifestyle so what keeps me going is that this is all i know how to do. Speaking my truths help me make music as these are one of the only times I’m honest and free.”