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The 22 Most Anticipated Albums of 2020

There’s nothing that makes a music fan anticipate anything more than promise of a new record, so join us as we take a look at some of the biggest albums on the horizon.

With 2020 well underway, some of the world's biggest musicians have indicated that this will be a big year for new music.

Neil Krug/Supplied; Koury Angelo for Rolling Stone; Eli Russell Linnetz/Supplied

Years ago, albums were released with little fanfare; allowing the public to experience and consume these records in their own time. As music became a much more lucrative business and artists curated devoted followings, albums found themselves prone to days, weeks, months, and even years of hype leading up to them. While this helps to raise some buzz around the album, it often sees the music-loving public looking ahead to this new release with excitement rarely seen elsewhere. With the new year well and truly in full effect, and numerous artists having either hinted towards, or set the release date of, new music, we’re taking a quick look at some of the biggest releases planned or alluded to for 2020.

Mark Seliger for Rolling Stone


Kendrick Lamar

Album: TBA
Release Date: TBA

Given his prolific status as one of the most respected hip-hop artists in the world, it’s hardly surprising that Kendrick Lamar took most of 2019 off. With only a handful of live appearances, and no music being released since the Black Panther soundtrack in 2018, speculation has quickly turned to the question of what will Kendrick return with, and when? In late 2018, the artist revealed via a profile in the Los Angeles Times that he had “been writing long-form” between spending time in the studio, though he neglected to mention just what form this would take.

January, however, saw unconfirmed rumours from former Billboard Editorial Director Bill Werde, who revealed sources told him not only was Kendrick heading in more of a rock-based direction for his new album, but it was nearing completion. At this stage, Kendrick hasn’t revealed any information to his fans, and there’s no word as to whether these rumours are true. However, we’re sure he’s gearing up to make this a very memorable release.

Charles Dennington/EMI Music


The Avalanches

Album: TBA
Release Date: TBA

There’s a dangerous precedent in place when it comes to describing a forthcoming record from The Avalanches. Though the follow-up to Since I Left You took 16 years to eventuate, the Melbourne outfit revealed just ten months after the release of their personal Chinese Democracy that they were already looking to the future.

Since then, the group has provided numerous updates, revealing they’ve worked with the likes of Leon Bridges, Wayne Coyne, and more, before claiming their new record was almost finished in a November socials post. Although it remains to be seen when the record will indeed arrive, everything seems to be moving at the desired speed, indicating we likely won’t be waiting until 2032 for album number three.

Tame Impala Coachella in Indio, CA, USA on April 13, 2019

Koury Angelo for Rolling Stone


Tame Impala

Album: The Slow Rush
Release Date: February 14

When Tame Impala took to the stage at Western Australia’s Wave Rock Weekender in 2008, their recently-released debut EP was enough to attract an audience of a few-dozen curious onlookers, with likely none of them aware that they were witnessing the beginnings of a band who would, in just over a decade, be gearing up to release one of the most anticipated records in the world.

Though 2015’s Currents served as their latest record, comments made by frontman Kevin Parker hinted that he’d “be really disappointed” if a new album wasn’t out by mid-2019. Now, a number of singles have served as a taster for The Slow Rush, which arrives on February 14. With the group’s profile growing exponentially since 2015 – including a headlining appearance on Coachella and a spot on Saturday Night Live – one can only begin to imagine the reception that album number four will receive.