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Wild Turkey Music 101 Residencies: Inside Wild Turkey Bourbon’s Mobile Recording Home

Wild Turkey is known for its bold and undiluted bourbon, but they are now venturing into a different kind of boldness – the kind found in music.

Along with their latest Programme, Wild Turkey Music 101, they have also offered a bespoke mentorship program for budding musicians to learn from some of Australia’s best musical talent.

Winners will get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from the best in the Wild Turkey Music 101 mobile studio, which doubles as a bar that will be hitting the road and will be making stops all around Australia.

The mobile recording studio is a unique way for Wild Turkey to combine their passion for bourbon with their love for music. It’s an opportunity for artists to be heard and for people to experience something truly special.

It’s not just any studio, as it was designed to be in the wilderness, capturing music in its most natural form – the perfect environment to get those creative juices flowing.

Following the Music 101 mentorship program, the up-and-coming artists will then play live on the Music 101 tour in a move that aims to support local artists but also inspire others to trust their spirit.

Each and every set will be recorded from the Mobile Studio as guests enjoy Wild Turkey’s bold flavour while listening to great music in a unique, paired-back setting that truly sets the ultimate vibe.

The first Wild Turkey Music 101 event took place on April 27 in a picturesque pecan orchard in Somersby, just north of Sydney, for a special night with Wild Turkey, Matt Corby, and his mentee, Will Clift.

Following a successful evening that guests won’t soon forget, the Mobile Studio will now be heading to a secret location 1-2 hours out of Brisbane for its next event on July 13th, which will see Rockhampton duo Busby Marou take the stage for an epic performance from the Wild Turkey stage.

“For us, sitting around a campfire, plant chains with a small number of people is what Busby Marou is all about. So this show is our bread and butter and we cannot wait,” Thomas Busby explained to Rolling Stone Australia.

As for what fans can expect at the show, Jeremy Marou added, “We love intimate settings, we’ll be breaking it right down.”

“We love to be – I don’t want to say self-indulgent – but we do like to be a little bit self-indulgent in a setting where we can totally be ourselves. Singing is what makes us feel good and when people thrive off that, it makes us believe in ourselves.”

“So we will be going with the raw acoustic, two blokes sing harmonies with two acoustic guitars with a backing band, if we even need that, but you’ll basically see us doing what we love doing.”

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