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Clowns Have Had a ‘Bisexual Awakening’

The second single from Clowns’ new album ‘ENDLESS’ details lead singer Stevie Williams’ journey of sexual self-discovery


Matt Oxlade

When the description of a new album sounds like an obscure work of 19th century existential philosophy, the chances are that you’re in for an intriguing listen.

Australian punks Clowns announced their fifth album, ENDLESS, earlier this month, a record they say is “an unrelenting journey of immortality and human exploration.” Heavy stuff.

Written between 2020 and 2022 – prime pandemic years, ripe for feeling existential –  Clowns landed on the apt theme of immortality during recording, wishing to overcome an increasingly uncertain world through their music.

Clowns were pondering existence but they were also having a bisexual awakening. Well, lead singer Stevie Williams was, at least.

The second single from the band’s upcoming album, “BISEXUAL AWAKENING” – all caps in case you missed the message – is wickedly rambunctious, harking back to Clown’s early hardcore punk days.

The lyrics detail Williams’ important journey of sexual self-discovery. “Over the years, I’ve come to fully realise the multi-dimensionality of my sexuality,” he explains. “I was inspired to write a punk song that celebrates the support and community I found during moments of self-discovery in our classic tongue-in-cheek way. Plus, I wanted to see what would happen if I wrote a song about fucking people’s dads.’

Someone had to do it. And before anyone levels the accusation of “virtue signalling” or similar banality at Clowns, a recent Instagram post by the band proved why so unabashedly celebrating Williams’ sexuality was necessitated.

Perhaps fearing that their own father’s chastity was in peril, some Clowns “fans” questioned “BISEXUAL AWAKENING”. “This isn’t punk, it’s pandering for a quick buck. Not my fault if you fall for it,” wrote one; “Ewww. Another decent band dead to me,” commented another.

But Clowns – and punk music – will be completely fine without such backwards listeners. For real fans, they’re just happy to have their band back: ENDLESS is the long-awaited follow-up to 2019’s Nature/Nurture, which was nominated for Best Hard Rock or Heavy Metal Album at that year’s ARIA Awards.

Following the release of ENDLESS – which also features lead single “FORMALDEHYDE”, a searing, scolding slice of metal – Clowns will hit the road on a national album tour, accompanied by VOIID at select shows (more information here).

Clowns’ “BISEXUAL AWAKENING” is out now. ENDLESS is out October 20th via Damaged (AU/NZ)/Fat Wreck Chords (ROW) (pre-save/pre-order here).