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Best Australian Music of the Week: February 26th-March 3rd

Dive into fresh local releases from Winter McQuinn, Sycco, Peach PRC, Stocker, HighSchool, Agung Mango, and more



Hector Clark

Dive into Rolling Stone AU/NZ‘s weekly roundup of our favourite Australian music from the past week. Explore the freshest tracks from local artists in Australia between February 26th-March 3rd below.

Winter McQuinn – “Red Wool” 

Winter McQuinn’s latest track breezes in like an eternal summer day. As a solo release from the Sunfruits frontman, it previews the shimmery folk-country pop awaiting on his upcoming album, MovetTo the Trees, dropping April 5th. There’s even a quirky animated video with doodles to add to the charm.

Sycco – “I’d Love to Tell You”  

Crushes that crash and burn? Been there, done that. But Sycco turns the melodrama into a catchy, tongue-in-cheek track. It’s cutesy without making you feel seasick. And her take? Classic: “Unfortunately, this person was getting into a relationship, so I missed out on that lol. But I’m really happy with the song and I think it will last longer than that crush did.”

Stocker – “Angel” 

Brisbane pop artist Stocker resurfaces after a two-year hiatus with her newest creation, “Angel” – a breakup anthem tinged with ethereal mystique. Unravelling the songwriter’s inner turmoil from a past relationship, her luminous vocals and impactful, experimental sonic glitches make it all the more transporting.

Jess Locke – “The Place” 

Jess Locke slows it down with “The Place”, a reflective ballad touching on adulthood and nostalgia. Set to gentle acoustic strumming and a rhythmic pulse, Locke’s knack for introspective, poetry-like lyrics shine through.

Peach PRC – “Secrets”

Peach PRC has a secret to spill in her latest single, breathlessly detailing a forbidden romance. “I know you wanna keep it, your secret / And I would never speak it, your secret / You only wanna kiss me in your car / You only wanna love me in the dark,” Peach PRC sings.

HighSchool – “Doesn’t Matter” 

Unrequited love takes the spotlight in this predictably gorgeous and sprawling new song from the Naarm/Melbourne post-punk duo. With crisp guitar and minimalistic, reverb-drenched production, it’s yet another track from their upcoming EP, Accelerator, landing in April to remind us all of the agony of one-sided affection.

Agung Mango – “GUT”

The Melbourne rapper takes on time and chaos headfirst in this adrenaline-pumping new track. It’s a bold start to the news of his upcoming album, IN BELLY WE TRUST, dropping later this year.