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‘Harder Than Ever’: How Aussie Musicians Are Saving on Touring Costs

Naoo, a free and easy to use fuel app, has launched across Australia with a campaign to get touring Aussie musicians back on the road

Boo Seeka

In Partnership with Naoo

There’s no doubt about it, Australians love live music. Artists travel across states, thousands of kilometres from venue to venue, and fans follow along just to be part of that unforgettable atmosphere. 

But at what cost? 

For musicians, the road is home but the cost of touring is skyrocketing. Between huge distances, rising fuel prices, and the lingering impacts of the pandemic, it’s tougher than ever to connect with fans in person. 

That’s where Naoo steps in – a free, innovative and cost-saving petrol app designed to easily compare fuel prices in your area, saving you valuable time and money on every fill-up. 

How Naoo is making a difference

Naoo is a total game-changer for both musicians and everyday drivers. Here’s how it works: 

  • Fuel price comparison: Effortlessly discover the best fuel prices nearby through the app, saving money on every fill-up.
  • Automotive services: Seamlessly find bookings for tow aways, mobile tuning, mechanics, and tyre services. 
  • Score epic extras: Earn loyalty points for logging into the app, which can be redeemed for exclusive deals and discounts. 
Boo Seeka

Supporting the Australian music industry

Electropop singer-songwriter Boo Seeka, AKA Ben “Boo” Gumbleton, knows the cost of touring all too well. He’s the first brand ambassador for Naoo, ahead of his ‘Raw Files Tour’ which kicks off on July 12 and will span regional, suburban and metro New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Queensland.

“The cost of touring for any artist, big or small, is at an all-time high and petrol is definitely one of the big costs,” Gumbleton shares. 

“A lot of other artists are doing bigger tours to get the industry, and our audiences, connected again. But the difference in petrol costs now is massive, so it’s harder for us to keep touring sustainably for a long time.” 

Gumbleton first heard about Naoo through a friend and jumped at the chance to be involved. “I love that this incredible app is launching with a campaign to provide support for artists and bands to tour by helping out with the cost of petrol,” he says. 

“The fact we can use the app to find the cheapest petrol prices on our tour route is very helpful,” Boo Seeka explains. “But not only that, the fact I would just use this app on a day to day basis, it’s helpful for everyone regardless of whether it’s work related or even family holidays. 

Naoo is also supporting the fuel costs of some Australian tours including Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers, The Grogans, Dear Sunday, and Boy & Bear, and is giving everyday Aussie up-and-coming musicians and bands the chance to secure fuel vouchers to assist with the costs of travelling to gigs, by sharing their music performance or touring photos through the website. 

Not only that, music fans also have the chance to win tickets to a bunch of exciting gigs via the Naoo app.

Available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play, Naoo is supporting musos and giving everyday Australians the chance to support live music, save on fuel costs and get back out on the road and is assisting every day Australians to save on petrol.

Download the Naoo app to start saving on fuel costs and to support Aussie artists. To find out more about Naoo-supported tours and features, visit the Naoo app, Naoo website and social pages.