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50 Greatest Australian Artists of All Time – #27: Hilltop Hoods

Adrian Eagle touches on the impact and influence of fellow Adelaideans, and Aussie hip-hop pioneers, the Hilltop Hoods.

50 Greatest Australian Artists of All Time - Hilltop Hoods

Nicole Reed*; Claire Nica*

In December of 2020, Rolling Stone Australia released a special edition issue which looks at the 50 Greatest Australian Artists of All Time, paying tribute to the best and most impactful artists in Australian music history. While it would have been easy for the editors and writers of the publication to profess their love of the listed artists, the decision was instead made for those who found themselves inspired by these world-renowned names to share their own testimonials of why these artists deserve to make the list.

In celebration of the issue’s release in December, we’re counting down the full 50 artists and their accompanying testimonials in this ongoing online feature. If you want to get your hands on an physical copy of the magazine, be sure to subscribe now to experience the double-length edition featuring some of Australia’s best and brightest discussing the finest names in local music.

50 Greatest Australian Artists of All Time – #27: Hilltop Hoods (by Adrian Eagle)

The Hoods were infamous when I was in my early years of high school growing up in Adelaide. I remember seeing posters and hearing about their sold-out shows from a young age. Without a doubt, they were Adelaide royalty and Australian hip-hop icons. I’m thankful to call these legends brothers now. 

The first time I saw them, I had just moved to Melbourne, literally knew nobody and it was my first week there. I saw that the Hoods were in town the week after, I bought my ticket and went alone. It was a taste of home. I also had never seen them live before as it was my first gig as an adult and all of their shows were usually 18+!

“Every time I perform on stage next to them now it still trips me out.”

I worked my way to the front row of the mosh pit. About halfway through the show Suffa reached out and touched my hand. We made eye contact and every time I perform onstage next to them now it still trips me out. We’ve performed over 50 times together now all over the world and I’m so grateful for the experience.

A dream come true was featuring on a song with them. And now, after touring the world with them from Europe to America, I honestly see them as the best family team, with the best work ethic, and the best humble attitudes I’ve ever seen. I’m so grateful to soak up their knowledge and learn from them.

They’ve been a big part of my life thus far and inspirational to me, not just in music but in family life. They are truly the best group of guys and best team and families you could ever work with and meet.