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Jess Ribeiro Welcomes Us Into Her Striking ‘Summer of Love’

Ribeiro refines her own unique strain of delicate, slightly askew folk on surreal, striking and intimate fourth album

Jess Ribeiro

Nick Mckk

Over three critically acclaimed albums, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Jess Ribeiro has created her own unique strain of delicate, slightly askew folk. 

Summer of Love is both surreal and strikingly direct in equal measure, Ribeiro’s voice so up front in the mix that it’s like a close friend leaning in to tell you the secrets of the universe.

Recorded during the pandemic, the songs delve into themes of isolation, instability and grief. 

It’s not all lockdowns and depression though: “Everything Is Now” and “The Trees & Me” revel in reconnecting with nature, while the title track is a gentle plea for love. 

Crack players, including Dirty Three drummer Jim White, compliment the songs perfectly, the music swirling like a storm set to break at any moment with Ribeiro fearlessly positioned at the centre.

Stream: Jess Ribeiro, Summer of Love

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