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Jess Locke Stuns with The Enriching Beauty of ‘Don’t Ask Yourself Why’

Another gorgeous entry into an already-stunning career, Jess Locke continues to impress with her latest full-length album.

Image of Jess Locke

Ian Laidlaw*

After years spent as a purveyor of self-professed “sad pop” songs, Jess Locke has to stumble at some point, right? If such a misstep was to occur, it’s certainly not on Don’t Ask Yourself Why, her finest full-length album to date.

A perfect mix of accomplished composition and acerbic lyrics, Locke utilises her mesmerising voice to deliver a collection of tracks which toe the line between melancholy and restrained rambunctiousness.

Jess Locke may have one of the best sounds in Australian music today, and truly, our lives need this album to help enrich them.

Jess Locke’s Don’t Ask Yourself Why is out now.

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