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It’s a Dangerous Day to Be a Punk Rock Fan Thanks to DARTZ

DARTZ have released their excellent second album, which features great wit and honest storytelling



It’s always a dangerous day to be a cold one when The Band From Wellington are around, but it’s also a dangerous day to be a ramshackle Kiwi pub-slash-music venue when DARTZ are kicking about: their raucous punk rock songs are made for the live setting, to be performed wildly in front of a packed pit of ecstatic revellers. 

To call DARTZ Aotearoa’s answer to The Chats would be immediately correct but more generally reductive, because there’s so much going on under DARTZ’s furious and fun anthems: there’s great wit, honest storytelling, and effortless ensemble work. 

Opener “Earn the Thirst” celebrates the importance of putting in the hard yards before having a beer, and it sums up DARTZ right now: they’re enjoying themselves immensely after finding their hard-earned place in the New Zealand music scene. 

Stream: DARTZ, Dangerous Day to Be a Cold One

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