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DARTZ Are ‘Learning to Drive With Dad’

DARTZ have announced their second album and released a rollicking new single all in one day



Wellington’s lovable scamps DARTZ have announced their second album.

Relatable titled Dangerous Day to Be a Cold One, their sophomore full-length effort will arrive on Friday, March 1st via Flying Nun Records.

And true punk rock fans rejoice: Dangerous Day to Be a Cold One clocks in at an endlessly replayable 29 minutes, or the equivalence of drinking two cold ones.

To celebrate their album announcement, the band have released a new single, “Learning to Drive With Dad”, which is a quintessentially DARTZ tale of a driving lesson gone awry, with the pub the ‘unintended’ destination.

As the track was inspired by the four-piece’s upbringings in small-town New Zealand, the accompanying music video – directed by Ezra Simons – was shot in DARTZ frontman Danz’s hometown.

DARTZ’s forthcoming album also contains previous single “Earn the Thirst”, an equally enjoyable romp that extolled the virtues of – you guessed it – earning the thirst.

Dangerous Day to Be a Cold One is being provided on both vinyl and CD, and it will also be released on two limited edition vinyl variants: a green/orange marbled ‘Bush Weed’ LP with alternate cover art, and a dirt-cheap ‘Cost of Living’ LP, which will pass the savings on to their fans.

“We are stoked to be able to save the fans some of their hard earned cash with a cost of living version of the album,” as DANZ says.

DARTZ are coming off the back of a successful trip to Australia, which included showcasing their music at the inaugural SXSW Sydney. They’ll return to the country in January, while they’ve also lined up a slot at The Great Escape Festival in England, where they’ll be in good company alongside ENOLA, En Attendant Ana, Faye Webster, and more.

DARTZ’s “Learning to Drive With Dad” is out now. Dangerous Day to Be a Cold One is out Friday, march 1st via Flying Nun Records (pre-save/pre-order here).