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Will Smith’s Smackapalooza and the 15 Best, Worst, and Most WTF Oscars Moments

Oscars? What Oscars? It’s tough to remember there was an entire awards ceremony last night, but from historic wins to bizarre comedy bits, a few more weird and wonderful things went down

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Allegedly, bookending the moment when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on live television in front of millions of viewers, there was an Academy Awards ceremony last night. Frankly, we can’t quite recall.  

The thing about the Oscars — or any major awards broadcast, for that matter — is that it’s an event that relies on careful orchestration and unspoken codes of decorum: Limit your acceptance speech to 45 seconds, clap graciously if you lose, and, y’know, don’t physically or verbally assault the presenters. TV viewers are watching less to find out who’s going to take home the gold and more in the hopes of witnessing a genuinely spontaneous moment, whether it’s Warren Beatty announcing the wrong best picture winner or Jennifer Lawrence tripping over her own gown.  

Well, last night they sure got it, when Smith stormed onstage and assaulted Rock for making a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, chasing that with an obscenity-laden exchange that had producers scrambling to cut the sound in the Dolby Theatre. Suddenly, the numbing rhythm we’ve come to expect from awards shows was interrupted, the gristle beneath Hollywood’s artfully Botoxed skin exposed.  

But hey, there were also some awards. The 94th Academy Awards didn’t crown one big winner; rather, the major honors were scattered among a variety of nominees. Two female filmmakers won the evening, including Best Picture, Supporting Actor, and Adapted Screenplay winner CODA, helmed by Sian Heder; and Jane Campion, who nabbed Best Director for The Power of the Dog. Two big acting awards went to a pair of biopic performances: Jessica Chastain for The Eyes of Tammy Faye and Smith for King Richard. Denis Villeneuve’s Dune performed a near-sweep of the technical categories, most of which were presented in a pre-broadcast segment of the ceremony.  

Read on for the best, worst, and most baffling moments of this year’s Oscars — one that, thanks to Smith’s outburst and its aftermath, will go down in infamy. 

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WTF: Random Movie Reunions

Listen, we all love White Men Can’t Jump, Juno, and Pulp Fiction; and it was neat to see stars of those movies, including Wesley Snipes, Rosie Perez, Elliot Page, and J.K. Simmons, reunite onstage as presenters. Except… Why, exactly? Of those three films, the first two have fairly normal anniversaries this year — their 30th and their 15th, respectively — but it’ll be the 28th anniversary of Pulp Fiction in 2022, not traditionally something people stop and celebrate. Fact: It’s always the anniversary of some movie, if you think about it. So next time, just have Uma Thurman and John Travolta come out and do the Vincent-and-Mia dance for no particular reason at all. It’d be better than taking something so cool and give it an ill-fitting frame. —NM