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Think You’ve Got What it Takes to be as Bad-Ass as John Wick? You Might Want to Think Again

'John Wick Chapter 4' might have you wanting to go and buy a pair of nunchucks, but could you really take on this screen icon?

John Wick, the man, the myth, the MMA machine, would do anything for his dog, for his family, and let’s face it, for revenge. The brutal and decisive hitman may be a reluctant monster at times, but even when in monster mode, he still has serious skills and a serious moral compass.

So what would it actually take to be John Wick (you know, besides the hideous grief, the years of professional training and the seemingly ever-improving charisma and class of the actor who plays him, Keanu Reeves)?

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Let’s Get Physical

The “John Wick” franchise has become famous for its brilliantly choreographed action, and it only gets better in “Chapter 4”.

To get ready for filming – which took place across Berlin, Paris, Osaka and New York City – Reeves prepared with judo, jiu-jitsu, precision driving, and even nunchucks.

He also got to work with two martial arts legends, Hiroyuki Sanada and Donnie Yen. This may not be available to us mere mortals, so maybe just start with booking into a jiu-jitsu club or taking a defensive driving course?


Meditation may sound a bit calm and chilled for a film which features secret societies with rules and consequences, powerful alliances, friends turning into foes and a quest for revenge and freedom, but if you want to be as controlled, honourable and iconic as John Wick, you have to get your mind in order.

Indeed even Keanu Reeves calms his mind before shooting action sequences for the “John Wick” franchise. He said it helps him stay focused and present during the filming, allows him to deliver a more authentic and engaging performance and, perhaps most importantly, reduces the risk of injuries.

John Wick Chapter 4

John Wick might engage in some hectic battles, but his mind is centred and focused

It doesn’t need to be a formal and structured meditation, but if you want to be in a league with John Wick, you have to be thinking clearly (but maybe not always calmly).

Food as Fuel

There’s no doubt that being John Wick would be tiring business, and Reeves has previously spoken about his “fight bowl” which helps prepare him to film the action sequences for 10 to 11 hours per day.

“I have rice and chicken. I like to have some starch and carbohydrates, chasing with some protein. I feel the protein helps with that. Then when you need it, some sugar. Get some candy bars around. I would bring candy bars, and make sure they were provided for the training dojo and on the set because sometimes you just need a Snickers bar,” he told GMA.

Add a Splash of Style

John Wick’s tailored suit is a key part of his character and charisma – no matter what he’s doing, the man is always in a suit and tie.

John Wick Chapter 4

John Wick is dressed to impress – but could you be bothered?

Sure it’s elegant and aspirational – and even allows him to look less assassin and more suave businessman – but not everyone could be bothered with, or afford, his dry cleaning bills.

Imagine the small talk with your dry cleaner as you explain that small matter of the blood stains and splatters? Let alone trusting them not to shrink the kevlar.

The Good News

John Wick’s mission of bringing down The High Table in “John Wick Chapter 4”, while fighting his grief and honouring a code, may not be for everyone. Nor is the rigorous and rough training regime of Reeves.

So in good news, if you don’t have it in you today, tomorrow, or any time really, to become as slick, savage, self-disciplined and supreme as John Wick, you can immerse yourself in the globe-trotting (or globe-fighting) adventure, by watching “John Wick Chapter 4” from the comfort (and safety) of your own home.

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