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Super Bowl LV Commercials: Best, Worst, and WTF

This year’s crop of ad spots aim to serve as a sweet release from our twisted reality


A ton of cameos, one Boss and two Don Cheadles constituted just some of the highlights and lowlights of this year’s Super Bowl commercials, which aired Sunday night during Super Bowl LV. Light on the schmaltz and heavy on the laughs, the vast majority of the 2021 Super Bowl ads ignored Covid, in favor of familiar themes about friendship, family and unity. Here are some of the best (and worst) commercials from Super Sunday.

From Rolling Stone US

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FUMBLE: Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer’s “All Star Cast”

The first lesson in Commercials 101 is that cameos are king. Whether you have a good idea, bad idea, or no idea at all (like in the case of this Michelob ad), the biggest way to distract viewers is to just throw in cameo after cameo after cameo and hope that people don’t notice that you’re actually not saying much of anything. From a cameo narrator (Christopher Walken!), to a cameo action star (Sylvester Stallone!), to a cameo music star (Maluma!), a cameo sports star (Serena Williams!), and a cameo actor and a look-alike (two Don Cheadles!), it proves that when all else fails: throw in a cameo and see what happens. (It’s also a concept UberEats is well aware of.)