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Cenovis Are Putting Mum’s Advice To The Test With Their Mother Matchmaker Series

Cenovis’ Mother Matchmaker series returns again, putting mum’s advice to the test, giving her a chance to help guide our love life, and giving you the chance to win 1 of 5 $600 RedBalloon vouchers.

You’d be hard-pressed to think of a time when mum didn’t consider herself an expert on all things, but it’s time to ask the question: is she really?  Well, Cenovis are helping to put her to the test thanks to their new Mother Matchmaker series, which sees mums given the chance to pick the first date for their kids.

Mum may have always given sound advice when it comes to taking your vitamins, what clothes to wear, and which veggies to eat, but what’s her advice like when it comes to your dating life?

That’s the premise of the Mother Matchmaker series, with mums helping to guide their kids’ romantic choices as only a mother could. As 29-year-old Rachel chats to her mum about her romantic conquests, it’s clear it could be a bit of an uphill battle.

With a self-described culture clash at play, Rachel has to navigate her mum’s traditional Chinese values – including hitting back at the idea she’s only got a few years left to find someone.

After some heavy vetting when it comes to any potential suitors, Rachel’s mum finds a match and gives the go-ahead for a date with 31-year-old Tom.

As the Englishman kicks off his date with Rachel, the pair find themselves clicking over some bowling, with Tom even sharing his Wii Bowling tips for future games. Before long, their shared nervousness lifts as they even discover they’re neighbours, and they continue on with their first date.

As they grab some food, Rachel turns up the pressure a little bit, opening the green envelope which holds some hard-hitting questions from her mum. As Tom manages to navigate questions of whether he wants a big wedding or a really big wedding, his Zodiac sign, and the timeliness of his next promotion, he feels confident things are heading in the right direction.

“It was definitely a first, but I’m sure she’s coming from the right place,” he says of Rachel’s mum’s questions. “Hopefully she thinks my answers were acceptable.”

But how does it go from there? Watch the third episode in the new Mother Matchmaker series from Cenovis below and see if mum really does know best!

Whatever the outcome, it’s obvious that Rachel’s mum only has her daughter’s best interests at heart. Even with some of the hard-hitting questions, she’s coming from a place of love, and only providing the sort of advice which will actually help Rachel’s love life flourish.

So, maybe mum’s advice has been right all along? Maybe we should have been listening to all of her helpful hints as we were growing up? Who knows, maybe our dating life might have been a bit more successful that way?

If she’s right about your dating life, maybe that means mum was right after all when she told you to take your vitamins? Either way, we hope our next date won’t come accompanied by a big envelope full of mum’s burning questions!

Check out the third episode in the new Mother Matchmaker series from Cenovis below, and be sure to head along to their website for more info on the series, and to check out their range of vitamins and supplements.

More quality time with mum equals more quality mum advice. So enter here for the chance to WIN 1 of 5 $600 RedBalloon vouchers to spend on enjoying some quality mum time.

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