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Cenovis’ Mother Matchmaker Reminds Us That Mum Has Always Known Best

We’ve always been told that mother knows best, and with Cenovis’ new Mother Matchmaker series, they’re putting it to the test, and giving mum a say in our dating lives!

For countless years, we’ve all been told that mother knows best, but… does she? Well, Cenovis are taking that statement head on in their new Mother Matchmaker series, proving, when it comes to your dating life, it might be worth listening to your mum.

By now, we’ve probably heard all of mum’s advice. Sure, maybe we should’ve spent more time doing our homework, maybe we should’ve taken that dose of vitamin C. After all, she has our best interests at heart, right?

That’s the exact sort of thinking behind Cenovis’ recently-launched Mother Matchmaker series, which aims to put those maternal instincts to the test. Mum has been giving us advice since day one, though whether we listened or not is the question. But if ever there was any advice we should’ve taken from mum, it’s to stay healthy, with Cenovis also urging folks to ensure they get their daily dose of mum with their range of vitamin and mineral supplements.

This is where the Mother Matchmaker series comes into play, turning the fantastical notion into reality as our next participant Will attempts to find the man of his dreams with a little help from his mum.

But Will’s mum might have her work cut out for her: “I look for someone independent, and someone who can do their own thing, and someone who doesn’t need to be looked after all the time,” Will explains, before turning his attention to his mum. 

“This is obviously the first time we’re properly discussing dating, so I feel like my failed dating life will now come to an end.”

Indeed, her decision making comes from a place of love and care, with Will’s mum setting out what she is looking for in a partner for Will. “The perfect partner for William has a sense of humour, caring, a good all-rounder, and I’m fairly confident I know what’s best for William,” she asserts.

Before long, they’re on the apps, discovering a few potentials, and weighing up the pros and cons. But as Will’s mum discovers a musician, producer, and fashion tragic as a potential son-in-law, the date is set as Will goes to meet… well, Will.

Together, the two Wills celebrate their first date with a few rounds of go-karting (despite one of them yet to get their actual licence) before attempting to break the ice with a quick round of mum-approved questions. As they tackle questions of wardrobe space, temper tantrums, and even dietary requirements, it comes to an end before our original Will goes back to report on how it all went.

But how does it go from there? Watch the second episode in the new Mother Matchmaker series from Cenovis below and see if mum really does know best!

Regardless of the outcome, it’s clear that Will’s mum is on board to help her son find the right partner, and that she only has his best interests in mind. But could that mean our own mums were only giving advice for the same reason? Maybe their opinions were actually pretty decent, and that she was more on the ball than we thought?

If she’s right about your dating life, maybe that means mum was right after all when she told you to take your vitamins? Let’s be fair, she’s probably always known the perfect match for us, but we’ve only just started listening to her advice.

Check out the second episode in the new Mother Matchmaker series from Cenovis below, and be sure to head along to their website for more info on the series, and to check out their range of vitamins and supplements.

Check out the second episode in the new Mother Matchmaker series from Cenovis below, and remember that more time spent with mum means a greater chance of receiving some crucial life advice. Enter here for the chance to WIN 1 of 5 $600 RedBalloon vouchers to spend on enjoying some more quality time with mum.

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