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Watch Trump’s Coronavirus Response Become a Horror Movie in Fake ‘PANDUMBIC’ Trailer

The Daily Show parodies the president’s inaction on the virus’ spread

If only the current global situation were nothing but a fictional movie. In a new clip, The Daily Show has mocked President Trump’s inaction on the novel coronavirus in a fake trailer for a terrifying movie called PANDUMIC.

“The deadly coronavirus is spreading,” the trailer notes as ominous music plays over footage of Trump giving a White House press briefing. “And the man in charge is the dumbest person alive.” The trailer then cuts together news clips of Trump speaking about COVID-19, referring to him as a “A man immune… to information.” The trailer also notes that the faux film comes from the “guy who brought you ‘Windmills Cause Cancer’” and that it’s “now playing everywhere.”

Host Trevor Noah also addressed the president’s lack of action during the late night show and spoke about how social distancing can help mitigate the spread of the virus. “And now the latest instruction is for everyone to get some space,” Noah said. “Yes, the buzz phrase of the moment is ‘social distancing.’ Also known as, ‘Don’t breathe on me, bitch.’”