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‘The Larry David Story’ Documentary Delayed at Larry David’s Request

An exact reason wasn’t given, but HBO says the comedian wants to do a version of the film in front of a live audience

UPDATE (3/1): In a move that feels worthy of triggering the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme music, HBO has postponed the premiere of a new documentary on Larry David — at Larry David’s request. HBO announced the decision, Monday evening, Feb. 28, two days before the slated premiere of The Larry David Story. An exact reason for the delay wasn’t given, but David hasn’t given up on the project entirely. The film was supposed to capture David in conversation with his long-time collaborator Larry Charles, and per HBO, “Larry has decided he wants to do it in front of an audience. Stay tuned for more info.”


Fresh off his Super Bowl crypto commercial, Larry David will be the focus of an upcoming documentary that charts his career from stand-up comedy to Seinfeld co-creator to Curb Your Enthusiasm star.

The Larry David Story premieres March 1 on HBO with the first of two parts: “American Jewboy” documents David’s “humble beginnings as an unfunny Brooklyn kid,” while the second part, “The Jewish Fountainhead,” finds him becoming “America’s favorite misanthrope,” HBO said of the documentary.

The documentary centers on a lengthy conversation between David and his longtime friend/Seinfeld and Curb director Larry Charles, with the duo discussing non-showbiz matters — like fatherhood and metaphysics — as well as David’s television career.

“I am a total fraud, and the Curb outlet for me is this guy I wanna be,” David says in the trailer. “He’s completely completely honest, just the opposite of who I am. And it’s a thrill. I got lucky, I’ll leave it at that.”

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