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‘South Park’ to Address Covid-19 in Upcoming Special

Series airs its first hour-long episode in September

South Park returns with a special episode, which will focus on the Covid-19 pandemic. Set to air on September 30th via Comedy Central, it’s the first hour-long episode in the series’ 23-year history.

The new teaser for the special opens with Stan’s dad Randy Marsh announcing a “Pandemic Special,” which is also the name of the episode, to apparently coax larger weed sales profits from the crisis.

Meanwhile, the kids are bracing themselves for school. Eric Cartman and Kyle Broflovski have a heated exchange about having to return to class and express worry over social distancing. Despite Cartman’s protests about school equating to “slavery,” classes do in fact resume. Things are different, however, with each student and desk surrounded by protective covering and their classroom is now led by a police detective who doubles as their teacher.

The episode, which deals with “2020 problems,” will also be available on HBO Max in the 24 hours following its Comedy Central premiere, as Entertainment Weekly notes.

During its 23rd season, which ended in December, the Chinese government scrubbed nearly all content related to South Park from its Internet after the show released its “Band in China” episode, which heavily criticized the country. The premiere date for Season 24 has not yet been announced.

From Rolling Stone US