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‘Saved by the Bell’ Trailer Brings the Old Gang Back Together

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tiffani Thiessen, Mario Lopez, and Elizabeth Berkley return as parents and teachers of Bayside High

NBC’s Peacock has released the first look at their Saved by the Bell reboot, featuring four of the original show’s cast members reprising their roles as adults alongside a new cast of high school students.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tiffani Thiessen, Mario Lopez, and Elizabeth Berkley are all back as Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski, A.C. Slater, and Jessie Spano, respectively, but this time, the main storyline concerns their children. In a bizarre turn of events, Zack Morris is now the governor of California, and his recent decision to close several of the state’s underfunded schools means that students are now being absorbed by more affluent neighborhoods, like — you guessed it — Bayside High.

Zack’s son Mac (Mitchell Hoog) and Jessie’s son Jamie (Belmont Cameli) both attend Bayside, as does the rich and popular Lexi (Josie Totah). Meanwhile, Slater is now working at Bayside as the gym teacher, and is on a mission to befriend the new kids (Dexter Darden’s Devante, Alycia Pascual-Peña’s Aisha, and Haskiri Velazquez’s Daisy) so he can share his story of being a former new kid himself.

Saved by the Bell premieres November 25th exclusive to the Peacock streaming platform. Tracey Wigfield serves as showrunner for the series, which is also executive-produced by Franco Bario and Peter Engel. Lopez, Berkley Lauren, Gosselaar, Thiessen, and Totah serve as producers. The show is produced by Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group. Watch the Saved by the Bell reboot on Peacocktv.com.

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