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Jerry Seinfeld Discusses New Book, Trades Jokes With Colbert on ‘Late Show’

Comedian talks surfing, meditation, YouTube algorithm horror stories, and his new tome of jokes, Is This Anything?

In between attempts to crack each other up, Jerry Seinfeld and Stephen Colbert discussed Seinfeld’s new book, Is this Anything? on The Late Show Tuesday, October 6th.

The conversation between the two ebbed and flowed between meditations on comedy and actual meditation (Seinfeld said he’s been doing transcendental meditation since the Seventies), Seinfeld’s failed surfing dreams (“You need certain kinds of knees and good quads — I don’t have it”), and why he’s now getting served up shark attack videos on YouTube.

“Do you know how to stop YouTube from sending you ‘shark attacks kayakers’ videos?” Seinfeld asked. “Because I watched one, and I don’t want to watch 30!”

Colbert quipped, “I think you have to watch of something else to, like, throw off the algorithm — or change your name and burn off your fingerprints, just because, they’ve got you now.”

When they did finally get to Seinfeld’s new book, the comedian explained the title, Is This Anything?, and the contents: Jokes he’s written throughout his career: “‘Is this anything’ is what you say before you try a bit out on another comedian. I’ve been saying that my whole life. So this book, Stephen, that’s everything I’ve done with my life. That’s my whole life, in a book.”

Without missing a beat, Colbert opened the book and cracked, “It’s double-spaced. It’s double-spaced, Jerry. You’ve padded out your life.”

From Rolling Stone US