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Jerry Seinfeld Talks Ceremonial First Pitches, Married Life in Quarantine on ‘Kimmel’

Comedian discusses surprise appearance in Chicago Bulls documentary The Last Dance

Jerry Seinfeld spoke with Jimmy Kimmel about popping up in the Chicago Bulls documentary The Last Dance, throwing out ceremonial first pitches and trying to be on his best behavior during quarantine on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday.

The interview featured a lot of sports talk, starting with a clip from The Last Dance where Seinfeld appears in the Bulls locker room to meet Michael Jordan, coach Phil Jackson and the rest of the team. “I think I had another conversation with [Jackson], because that was his last season, and I was in the middle of my last season,” Seinfeld recalled. “And I remember teasing him about, who do you think is gonna end bigger — him or me?”

Later, Kimmel and Seinfeld analyzed their respective techniques from when they were tasked with throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at a New York Mets game. While Seinfeld praised his pitch as a “dead, perfect strike,” his assessment of Kimmel’s throw — noticeably way outside — was a bit cooler. “Now you did very well,” he quipped, “but I don’t think you’re gonna get a call on that.”

As for life in quarantine with his wife, Jessica, Seinfeld said he was trying to be on his best behavior, but admitted he liked playing the games that come with married life. “Before I ask for the ketchup, ‘What’s the nicest way you can ask for ketchup?’ I actually think,” Seinfeld cracked. “‘Hey, if no one’s using the ketchup, I would love a little more ketchup.’ Instead of, normally I would go, ‘Give me that!’”

The occasion even allowed Seinfeld to share a bit of insight from his upcoming comedy special, Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill, in which he talks about how communication in a marriage is often about tone, rather than actual words. “Marriage is a game of chess, except the board is water and the pieces are smoke,” Seinfeld cracked.