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Chris Rock Announces ‘Total Blackout’ Extended Cut of ‘Tamborine’ Special

“Remix” version of 2018 special will premiere January 12th on Netflix

Chris Rock has announced a “remix” of his 2018 Netflix comedy special, Tamborine. The new version, titled Chris Rock Total Blackout: The Tamborine Extended Cut, was announced on Monday with a promo video and will be made available on January 12th only on Netflix.

In the preview clip, Rock teased some of the new “jokes, interviews, and moments” that will air as part of the new special.

“Racism’s not gonna stop,” Rock says onstage in one clip. “Now they’ve got something new, called ‘prices.’ Prices are the new Jim Crow. The Four Seasons Hotel does not say, ‘No blacks allowed.’ But a $4,000-a-night hotel suite sure does.”

In another clip, Rock quips about the difference between men and women cheating on their partners: “Guys, we’re horrible cheats. It’s so easy to catch us because it’s always a new chick. When you catch a woman, it’s always some motherfucker you’ve done met 10 times. He been all up in your house, he drank your Pellegrino.”

The original Tamborine special was directed by Bo Burnham — the comedian and filmmaker behind Eighth Grade as well as his own special, Make Happy — and produced by Neal Brennan, Matthew Claybrooks, Tony Hernandez, Christopher Storer, and John Skidmore for Jax Media.

From Rolling Stone US