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Jamie Dornan and Danielle Macdonald Return for Season 2 of ‘The Tourist’

In the gripping, multi-award-winning initial series of ‘The Tourist’, viewers are thrust into an enigmatic tale

The Tourist


Prepare to experience déjà vu in the return of The Tourist as Season 2 sees Irishman Elliot Stanley (Jamie Dornan) and Aussie cop Helen (Danielle Macdonald) returning to uncover the mysteries of Elliot’s murky past. The upcoming season sees a significant shift as the action moves to Ireland, this time placing Helen’s character on foreign soil. 

Despite the change in setting, the plot unfolds to explore Elliot’s forgotten past, unveiling secrets and introducing a family feud that adds an extra layer of intrigue to the series. As the countdown to the new season begins, viewers can anticipate another binge-worthy instalment that retains the familiar elements from the first season. 

In the gripping, multi-award-winning initial series of The Tourist, viewers are thrust into an enigmatic tale. The compelling series features Irishman Elliot as a man awakening in hospital after a near-fatal car crash in the Australian outback. He finds himself stranded in a foreign land with a severe case of amnesia. Things only get more complicated when pursuers emerge, intent on killing him. 

The Tourist

Credit: Stan

As he tries to piece together the puzzle, he retraces his steps – discovering a note hinting at a meeting in a cafe. When he arrives at the cafe, a bomb goes off, which he narrowly averts thanks to a woman called Luci (Shalom Brune-Franklin), who pulls him outside. Subsequently, a mysterious figure named Billy (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson) surfaces, intensifying the intrigue. The narrative unfolds as Luci and the protagonist join forces to trace a caller, leading them through a sandstorm and a helicopter ride into the desert, only to find the caller deceased. 

The plot twists continue, revealing that Billy orchestrated Elliott’s crash. A pursuit ensues, resulting in a showdown where Billy seemingly meets his demise, only to resurface later.

Constable Helen Chambers (Danielle Macdonald) then enters the scene, and Elliot swiftly takes her hostage to use as a bargaining chip. Elliot, now a fugitive, is on the run. 

Sergeant Lachlan Rogers (Damon Herriman) manages to track down Elliot and shows up at his motel. Moments later, Sergeant Rodney Lamon (Kamil Ellis) turns up to help and subsequently tries to call for backup, but Rogers shoots her down. It becomes evident that Rogers is corrupt, working for crime boss Kosta Panigiris (Alex Dimitriades). 

Elliott and Helen’s dynamic evolves amid a complex web of crime and betrayal. Luci negotiates with Kosta to shield Elliott while Helen seeks answers, suspecting Luci holds crucial information.

The Tourist

Credit: Stan

As the series concludes, the truth unfolds: Elliott was not the innocent victim but Kosta’s former accountant who fled with Luci, Kosta’s fiancée. His dark past involves theft, drug smuggling, and coerced surgeries. Helen, disillusioned, distances herself from Elliott, setting the stage for further intrigue and revelations in the upcoming series.

In Season 2, a year has elapsed since their escapades in the Australian outback. The new setting is Dublin, where Jamie Dornan and Danielle Macdonald resume their roles as Elliot and Helen. Together, they embark on a journey to help Elliot reconnect with his roots in hopes of piecing together the missing pieces of the puzzle.

True to form, their plans take an unexpected turn as they become entangled in the perilous whirlwind of Elliot’s past life. As Elliot grapples with his internal struggles, Helen is left to navigate the aftermath of a larger mystery, compelling both characters to confront adversaries, both familiar and unfamiliar. 

Season 2 introduces a compelling array of new characters, including Detective Ruairi Slater (Conor MacNeil), Niamh Cassidy (Olwen Fouere) and the McDonnell family – Donal (Diarmaid Murtagh), Orla (Nessa Matthews), Fergal (Mark McKenna) and Frank (Francis Magee) bringing fresh dynamics to the unfolding narrative. 

The brand new season of the Stan Original Series The Tourist premieres January 2024. Every episode of season 1 is now streaming, only on Stan.