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The Best Bed Risers to Create More Space in Your Room

Free up floor space and increase your storage with these simple bedroom accessories

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Space is everything, especially in a small apartment, loft or dorm where you might not have much storage. Every bit is valuable real estate, and any additional storage area to stash your stuff can instantly assist in creating an organized and neat look, removing any disorderly piles and opening up new areas to use for something else (or for nothing at all, just to have more space).

That’s where the best bed risers can really help you literally rise above the mess. Within a few minutes, you’ve created a whole bunch of new floor space the size of your bed, sofa or whatever furniture you decide to lift.

What Are the Best Bed Risers?

While concrete blocks used to be the old go-to for lifting up a bed, they can cause damage to floors and the beds themselves. Modern risers not only look a whole lot more stylish than bare blocks, they’re also made to prevent scuffs and scratches to the surfaces above and underneath.

They can also hold some serious weight, ranging from 500-2000 pounds of capacity or more. The large, wide bases of these risers provide a steady foundation, and they often have raised edges on top to prevent bed legs from slipping off.

These are also helpful for tall people, or anyone with a health or mobility issue like bad knees, who may have trouble getting up from low beds, or prefer to sleep at a slight incline, as some are stackable and can raise one end of a bed up a few additional inches.

Finally, be sure to take a look at your furniture’s legs, along with proper measurements, to make sure the risers you’re eyeing will fit once they arrive. Not all furniture legs are created equal, and a chunky couch leg might need an entirely different riser than the skinny metal frame of a bed.

1. iPrimio Bed and Furniture Square Risers

This boxy beast gives your bed or sofa a three-inch lift, and are designed to support serious weight. The plastic is heavy-duty and strong, blending in to the room’s decor while still being easy to clean and vacuum around.

These also do a great job of keeping your floor, or carpet, safe. The bottom includes an anti-slip rubber mat to prevent sliding and scratching, while the top also has a rubber-coated metal plate that can even handle casters and prevent them from rolling or cracking.

The sets come in four or six, in case you have an extra center leg that needs support.

iPrimio Bed and Furniture Square Risers, Best Bed Risers


iPrimio Bed and Furniture Square Risers

2. Tomokazu Ralston Solid Wood Bed Risers

Design-wise, these versatile risers are a great match if your bed’s frame has wooden legs. The sleek and smooth wood aesthetic looks stylish and blends beautifully with other wood furniture.

But the Tomokazus aren’t just all about looks, they’re also environmentally conscious, sourced from renewable rubberwood lumber grown in Thailand. These are strong, dense and solid risers, lifting your bed up two or three inches depending on which set you go for.

While the wood is sturdy, they don’t have any anti-slip rubber bottoms like some others here, but this can be a quick fix if purchased separately (and will raise the furniture up a little more, too).

Tomokazu Ralston Solid Wood Bed Risers, Best Bed Risers


Tomokazu Ralston Solid Wood Bed Risers

3. Utopia Adjustable Bed and Furniture Risers

If you’re not exactly sure how much space you’ll need now, or want the option of increasing or decreasing it later, this stackable set might be the perfect choice.

These heavy-duty plastic risers come in 3-inch and 5-inch options, and can safely combine into an 8-inch riser, taking your bed to new heights. When not in use, they neatly stack for convenient storage in a closet. These support furniture up to 1,300 pounds, while keeping floors scuff-free.

Utopia Adjustable Bed and Furniture Risers, Best Bed Risers


Utopia Adjustable Bed and Furniture…

4. Headwind Clear Furniture Risers

The secure, locking, stackable design make these bed risers a great choice for any room. Each one is about an inch high, and can be interlocked on top of each other to your desired height (though the company advises no more than three).

There are raised edges on top to prevent legs from slipping off. While they’re lightweight, they’re also made of durable plastic and can support some hefty weight, up to 600 pounds per leg, according to the company. They’re also clear so they’ll be less noticeable if your comforter doesn’t cover the legs of your bed once it’s lifted.

Headwind Clear Furniture Risers, Best Bed Risers


Headwind Clear Furniture Risers

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