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RS Recommends: The Best Rust-Resistant Shower Caddies

Keep all your products together in one place with these durable caddies


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If you don’t have a shower with built-in shelving, investing in an affordable shower caddy can instantly help keep all your items organized and in one place. The best shower caddies are designed to hold things like bottles of body wash, shampoo and your grooming accessories. But, most importantly, they should also be rust-resistant. So no matter which type of shower setup you have, here’s everything you need to keep in mind when selecting one for your bathroom.

Rust-Resistant Shower Caddy Buying Guide

In addition to preventing rust, here are some other attributes to consider when purchasing a new shower caddy.

Installation: How is your shower caddy going to hold up or attach to your shower wall? There are a variety of shower caddy types, including ones that hang over your showerhead or ones that suction to the shower wall. Ultimately, the right one depends on your particular shower design.

The advantage of suction cups means you can slap it onto any wall in your shower, but they can also suddenly come crashing down when the cups come loose. Hanging it over the showerhead can be more stable, but it’s important to make sure your showerhead can withstand the extra weight.

Standalone caddies are also an option, but they tend to be pretty short, only rising up to your knees or waist. If you prefer this style, go for one that can stretch to your desired height. Some are simpler than others, so if you’d rather stay away from using tools to install it, choose a specific model that won’t require any.

For detachable showerheads, make sure the shower caddy leaves room for you to still easily remove the showerhead.

Shelf Space: If you’re someone with a bunch of products and accessories in your shower, shelf space is everything. Same goes for a shared shower in a house with roommates or family. Oversized bottles may not fit into every caddy, so it’s best to check the dimensions before purchasing, or pick one that has sliding shelves to accommodate it. Baskets and basins are an extra option too, and can help keep things categorically organized.

Efficiency: Some shower caddies have designated spaces to stick bottles upside-down for easy dispensing, slots for snapping in razors or hooks for hanging things for quick access like washcloths.

What Are the Best Rustproof Shower Caddies?

We’ve selected four options designed to stand the test of time, no matter how hot and how long you like your showers.

1. OXO Good Grips Compact Aluminum Shower Caddy

OXO Good Grips Compact Aluminum Shower Caddy


For a solo shower, this OXO is an ideal size. The compact caddy is protected against rust, thanks to its anodized aluminum frame. Cleaning is easy too with the removable parts, and there’s a spot to put everything including razors and loofahs. This comes in both two tiers and three tiers, and no tools are needed here. You simply hang it and secure it with the suction cup.

OXO Good Grips Compact Aluminum Shower…

2. Zenna Home NeverRust Aluminum Shower Caddy

Zenna Home NeverRust Aluminum Shower Caddy


Zenna’s sleek and eye-catching black frame is made with heavy gauge aluminum that’s still lightweight, and strong enough to handle years of use. This has enough room to hold a bunch of shower essentials, including razors, washcloths and loofahs, and a spot for upside-down bottles for easy dispensing. The top of the caddy locks in place, and it’s what really stands out here, making installation extra tight and secure over your showerhead. It even includes a little Allen wrench.

Zenna Home NeverRust Shower Caddy

3. SeiriOne Bathroom Shelf



For an adjustable shelving option, this one’s got four baskets for your stuff, and can extend from 4.7 feet all the way up to 9.3. The body is built with stainless steel, and space-wise it’s a little more than a hanging caddy. But this allows multiple people to have their own designated shelf, and at their desired height. Installation is simple with the steel pole and rubber feet, and it’s an overall good pick if you have roommates.

SeiriOne Bathroom Shelf

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