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Get Him to the Gig: Our Pick of Levi’s New Season Gig-Ready Pieces

There are a lot of requirements for the perfect gig fit.



Levi’s is a brand that’s been at the centre of culture for over a century, providing effortlessly cool iconic styles you can wear over and over again. Levi’s and music go hand in hand, so we’ve gathered our favourite pieces from their latest collection to get your wardrobe gig ready. 

When you think of Levi’s you think of a long history of iconic styles, which is perfect for 2024 when we’re seeing the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s all having their own fashion moment. Founded in 1873, Levi’s has an unparalleled library of archives to reference, making it the perfect brand to nod back to those fashion trends and bring them into the now. 

There are a lot of requirements for the perfect gig fit. Of course, you want to be repping your own style and looking incredible, but you also need to be practical, and you want to feel 100% stylish no matter what. Whether you’re heading to Stormzy or Queens of the Stone Age, you want to feel you and not let a bad outfit choice get in the way of a good night. 

We all know that a good pair of jeans is a wardrobe staple and it’s also a great place to start for your gig look. Comfort seekers rejoice; looser fits are back across both mens and womens jeans, which makes them extra perfect for a gig.

Levi’s has revamped its relaxed styles, taking inspo from the 90s and 00s, with the 568 Stay Loose for men and Baggy Dad for women. Both come in a variety of styles and allow you to capture that vintage thrift essence while staying incredibly comfy. And because they’re Levi’s, you know they’ll last you for years to come!


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Sticking in that vintage space, pair your denim with grungy stripes to go full 90s, whether in t-shirt or rugby shirt form, or a Western shirt in plaid to channel your inner Kurt Cobain. 

If 2000s is more your style, there’s a classic Type 1 Trucker denim jacket, rooted in Levi’s history, that feels so Y2K. Paired with a graphic logo tee and an essential denim cap and you’re full VSCO. 

Especially as we move into the cooler months, layering is a good choice when you’re going out to a festival or a show. By combining some pieces, like a tee under a button-down, you’ll be covered whether you’re in the mosh or waiting for a cab at the end of the night. 

Don’t forget, authentic self expression is a huge part of dressing for a gig. Levi’s allow us to express our personal style. You can pair your most loved Levi’s Trucker or Jeans with anything in your wardrobe and wear it for years.

Gigs are also a great place to experiment. Everyone is there to vibe and enjoy a good time together, they’re not judging your look or wondering why you look different. If you want to try something on, try out a new style, test out a trend, a gig is a great place to give it a whirl. 

Through Levi’s refreshed essentials which are timeless and no matter what the vibe you want to channel is, you can create the perfect gig look no matter what vibe you want to channel and ensure you’ll still feel like you the whole night.

Check out the full Levi’s ‘24 Autumn/Winter collection, including the logo tee, Trucker denim jacket and loose fit jeans, here