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How a Bank Is Letting You Listen to the Sounds of Protected Nature

Bank Australia’s 2117 hectare conservation reserve in Victoria helps protect the planet, plus native plant and animal species – and now, you can hear it for yourself. *Adds to playlist*

Bank Australia


Think about your bank for a second. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe it’s the daily check of an app on your phone, tapping to transfer as you pay a mate or top up on groceries. Maybe you think of quick stops at the ATM before a late-night gig. Or big moments like applying for your first credit card or home loan. 

When you think about your bank, do you think about protecting wildlife? Do images of vast acres of land, birds and plants come to mind? We’re guessing, probably not. Because let’s face it, over the last few years big corporations and banks have given us a lot to question when it comes to their commitment to doing their part for our planet.  

That’s where Bank Australia has done things differently.

They invest in a conservation reserve to help create a healthier planet, which means when you’re a Bank Australia customer, you help protect 2117 hectares of land and over 200 species of wildlife. Pretty cool, hey?

“Our customers told us they care deeply about acting on climate change and protecting Australia’s threatened species,” explains Bank Australia’s Managing Director Damien Walsh. 

“That’s why we established a conservation reserve on behalf of our customers, and since 2008 we’ve been restoring habitat at the reserve, offsetting some of the environmental impact of our lending activities, creating a place where wildlife and plants flourish, resilient carbon stores grow, and culture is celebrated.”

So where is this innovative project? The area is split across parts of what is now known as Western Victoria, just near Horsham. And it’s currently home to 225 native plants and 234 native animal species. 

The latest addition to the project in 2021 was a new plot of land a bit further north, named Salvana – which took the total land to 2117 hectares. That’s the equivalent of nearly 850 MCGs!

All this does wonders for the environment, by:

  • Helping wildlife adapt to climate change
  • Providing food and habitat for endangered species
  • Protecting high-value bushland
  • Storing biodiverse carbon

The best part is Bank Australia works closely with Traditional Custodians Barengi Gadjin Land Council, as well as partners Greening Australia and Trust for Nature, neighbours and local CFAs, to make sure the land is protected and will never, ever be developed. 

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Unlimited nature, birds, starry skies and wide, open space. Sounds like heaven, right? Luckily for you, Bank Australia has recorded the sounds of the landscape and curated them into a Spotify playlist that you can chill out and listen to every day. 

The gentle rhythm of “Before Dawn” cicadas, soft songs of “Magpies at Minimay” and natural soundtrack to “Life in the Yellow Gums” will sooth your urban stress and whisk you away from whatever email, meeting or notification that’s demanding your attention. 

Listen to the tracks for yourself here: 

You can read more about Bank Australia’s impact for people and the planet at bankaust.com.au/impact