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Five Aussie activities to rock this summer with Kraken Black Mojito

Rolling Stone recommends the perfect soundtracks to accompany your favourite Summer activities and the fiercely refreshing Kraken Black Mojito.

Kraken Black Mojito


Rolling Stone recommends the perfect soundtracks to accompany your favourite Summer activities and the fiercely refreshing Kraken Black Mojito.

With the afternoons creeping well into the evening and endless activities to enjoy with the sunshine Australia is truly a magical place in the summer, a land full of mystery and adventure. And with so much to do, we wanted to humbly recommend five Aussie hits, and the perfect drink, to accompany your favourite summer activities.

The perfect drink I say? Aye! You bet I did. With all the rush and the excitement that comes with the hottest season of the year, you want something that tastes great and is convenient. Kraken Spiced Rum Black Mojito hits the spot: a bold spin on the classic mojito cocktail featuring Kraken’s household rich, spicy flavour.

The best part: simply crack open a can and enjoy while you’re with mates kicking back and enjoying summer activities.

Here’s where we’ll be enjoying the Kraken Black Mojito this summer:

The Classic Summer BBQ

A barbie of course! The perfect food, the right grill, and a cool Kraken Black Mojito : the ingredients for an almost pyrotechnic backyard barbeque extravaganza. BBQs are by no means an exclusive Aussie shindig, but in the land down under, it’s more than just a casual get-together. It’s an art. Easter, Christmas, and Australia Day are around the corner, and there is no better way to celebrate them than with the time-honoured tradition of firing up the barbie and inviting over a few friends for a bash.

Just remember, it might look chill on the surface, but there is a bit of Australian BBQ etiquette you have to consider:

● Don’t break the cardinal rule of the BBQ BYO and always bring something along that can be shared. It could be some snags or the quintessential grab and go potato salad, but we recommend a four- pack of Kraken Black Mojitos, your host will thank you later!
● Dress informally! Australian barbies are intended to be relaxed social gatherings. Unless there is an explicit dress code, it’s ok to wear shorts and thongs.
● Volunteer to help! Of course, don’t be overreaching, and be sure to never, ever lecture the hosts on how to cook. But throwing a BBQ is plenty of work, and there are lots of opportunities where you can lend a hand. Especially during the cleaning up/aftermath phase. Showing your appreciation with a bit of effort is the best way to thank your hosts.

Our recommended Aussie banger for the occasion? Cheeky, bright, and upbeat, Client Liaison’s “A Foreign Affair” is the perfect tune to open your epic BBQ. Besides, it features none other than the legend herself, Tina Arena!

The Summer Sports Party

Hell yeah! This summer will be stacked with colossal sporting events, like the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup finals, and of course, the FIFA world cup.

In Qatar, the Socceroos will face Denmark, Tunisia, and the defending champions France, in what at least on paper looks like the best shot the country has had to qualify for the round of 16 since achieving the feat back in 2006. The qualifying campaign was long and gruelling, we still have an eye tick after that penalty shootout against Peru, and Aussie soccer fans are desperate to see their team exhibiting their chops on the big stage.

It goes without saying that another Aussie rule for sports parties is to BYO drinks, but make sure you’ve got something to share that everyones going to enjoy. Introducing the Kraken Black Mojito, the perfect crowd pleaser, and will leave the insults directed to the TV when your mates team misses a goal.

The recommended Aussie banger for the occasion? This song rocked Stuttgart’s Gottlieb Daimler Stadion when Australia drew with Croatia 2-2 to reach the knockout stages of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. The timeless anthem was also Danny “The Green Machine” Green’s ring-walk music. So what can we say? We’ll use it again this year. Men at Work’s “Down Under”.

Summer Games Night

Who can say “no” to a night of tabletop games? Sure, we all know how luck swings and the dice rolls, a soiree full of ups and downs awaits. And that’s precisely the appeal! Card games, board games, dice, and wargames, all can deliver a rollercoaster of excitement that can last until the next summer.

No need to spend half the night in the kitchen preparing cocktails, just grab some Kraken Black Mojitos to bring along.. If you feel like showing off, you can also pour it over ice and garnish with mint and lime, your mates won’t believe the cocktail came straight from a can.

Cards Against Humanity, classic Poker, and 221B Baker Street are our favourite tabletop games. And the recommended Aussie banger for the occasion? Euphoric, cinematic, and sophisticated, our pick to go along with your memorable game party is The Avalanche’s masterpiece from 2000, “Frontier Psychiatrist”.

Outdoor Adventures

When it comes to the classic summer getaway, nothing could be better than spending quality time with mates camping. Think of those long evenings spent chatting, and those frosty mornings spent walking scenic trails as new memories and deeper friendships are forged.

Of course, it pays to be well-equipped, ensuring that you’ve got all the essentials, including the trusty swag or sleeping bag, hiking boots, and plenty of food for the weekend away from the city. No need to pack the cocktail kit though, the Kraken Black Mojito offers the perfect premixed cocktail for those quiet nights spent under the stars.

The hot summer months of December, January, and February are perfect to join a wildlife- watching tour to see some of Australia’s most representative critters. Just a two-hour drive east of Albany, Bremer Canyon offers one of the most spectacular feeding frenzies mother nature has to offer. Every summer, orcas, giant squids (see the Kraken theme going on?), sperm whales and great white sharks congregate to hunt and feast.

If something like that is too much for you, you can always pick something more chill, like witnessing hatching turtles at Mon Repos Turtle Centre, almost a five-hour drive north of Brisbane. Or walking with baby Wombats on Maria Island.

The recommended Aussie banger for the occasion? Put your earbuds on and serenade yourself to Powderfinger’s “The Day You Come”, a song about the injustices of the past, a warning call so we don’t repeat the same mistakes in the future.

When It’s Just too Hot: Movie Night

It might not feel like it since Aussie blockbusters are so few and far between, but Australia is blessed with one of the most vibrant filmmaking in the world. There are not only big-budget, world-renowned creators like Jane Campion, George Miller, and Baz Luhrmann, but the scene is also full of little independent gems that have transcended the country’s borders and become cult classics for film buffs around the world.

Be it contemporary directors like Warwick Thornton, James Wan, and Shannon Murphy, or established powerhouses like Phillip Noyce and Gillian Armstrong, Australian cinema has a wide offering, perfect for throwing a movie party for the ages. Let yourself be thrilled, scared, and moved, accompanied by the smooth, fragrant taste of Kraken’s Black Mojito.

Our Aussie banger to entertain your guests before the screening? The radiant, deliciously retro sound of Sydney-based artist Zolton. “Noise Electric” will make you want to jump out of your seat and scream how damn good it is to be alive.

For more information regarding the Kraken Black Mojito – follow Kraken Rum on Instagram and Facebook, but of course, enjoy responsibly.