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Reviewed: The Best Medicine Balls For Your Home Gym

Add a new component to your workouts with these medicine, slam, and wall balls

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Who says you need lots of heavy machinery to have a full-body, muscle strengthening workout? The best medicine balls – sometimes known as “wall balls” or “slam balls” – are compact, easy-to-use tools that, when used regularly, can produce significant improvements in your muscle strength and core conditioning.

What’s the Difference Between a Medicine Ball and Slam Ball?

Oftentimes, people refer to medicine balls as slam balls. However, the two are not interchangeable, and it’s important to know the difference between the two pieces of equipment when finding the right weighted exercise ball for your needs. Medicine balls are typically made of leather or rubber and are a great substitute for dumbbells.

Since they are an odd object, they engage your stabilizer muscles in a different way than traditional free weights do. Slam balls, on the other hand, have tough, textured exteriors and thick walls that make these weighted balls suitable for throwing exercises. When you throw a slam ball, they will not bounce back or break. (The same can not be said for medicine balls.) Slam balls help you utilize your full body when you throw, which helps build strength. Wall balls are similar to slam balls in that they are used for throwing exercises, but they should only be thrown at a sturdy wall.

What Makes a Good Medicine Ball?

When choosing between a medicine, slam, or wall ball, keep your space allowance and workout needs in mind. Wall balls are an invigorating workout tool if you have space and a proper wall on which to use them. However, not every home gym is equipped in that way.

A slam ball is a convenient alternative to a wall ball if you want to practice throwing exercises and have an intense workout. Slam balls are also easily incorporated into your everyday workout routine as they accommodate a greater variety of exercises, therefore targeting more music groups.

For those who are less interested in throwing exercises and more interested in engaging their muscles in a new way to build strength and conditioning, a muscle ball is the best option. No formal gym space is needed to use a medicine ball, and they can be seamlessly incorporated into your existing everyday workout routine through various lifting, crunching and squatting exercises.

1. Champion Sports Medicine Ball

Champion Sport’s leather medicine balls help you achieve your fitness goals whether your path is with floor exercises, weightlifting, or aerobics. The synthetic leather exterior helps ensure a no-slip grip, even when your hands are sweaty, and it’s held together by premium stitching for enhanced durability.

This medicine ball weighs 12 pounds, a good, standard weight for both beginners and advanced trainers. If you are seeking a different weight, Champion Sports has it, too. Their medicine balls range from four to 22 pounds.

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Champion Sports Medicine Ball

2. RBX Weight Training Slam Ball

CrossFit pros, this is the slam ball for you. This 10-pound slam ball has a grippy, textured surface designed to remain durable even after the most vigorous workouts. It is also filled with sand to prevent it from bouncing back or rolling after it’s thrown.

Incorporating the RBX slam ball into your regular workout routine helps build core strength, rotational power, and also helps maintain lean muscle mass. RBX also offers an eight-pound version if you prefer a slightly lighter slam ball.

best medicine balls and best slam balls


RBX Weight Training Slam Ball

3. BalanceFrom Fitness Wall Ball

If your home gym can support the use of a wall ball, this is the perfect tool for improving core muscle strength. Made of high-quality synthetic leather, this wall ball is easy to grip and take control of – which is essential in a fast-paced wall workout. It weighs eight pounds, but BalanceForm also offers heavier wall balls for more advanced users. We also love this wall ball for its surface loops that help you handle the ball with finesse.

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BalanceFrom Fitness Wall Ball

4. Raise Your Game Medicine Ball Set

If you are into home workouts but don’t have a proper home gym, this Raise Your Game medicine ball workout set is a great entry point into having serious home workouts with professional-grade equipment.

Not only does this include a 20-pound medicine ball with highly elastic, impact-absorbing PVC, but it comes with an anti-slip PVC ab mat that helps increase the intensity of your workouts. The set also comes with three resistance bands of differing intensities. This bundle also comes in different variations if you want a lighter load – with sets offering a 10 or 14-pound medicine ball.

best medicine and best slam balls


Raise Your Game Medicine Ball Set

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