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Yours Truly’s Mikaila Delgado Details the Benefits of The Yamaha YH-E700A Wireless Headphones

The Yamaha YH-E700A wireless headphones are some of the best in the game, just ask Yours Truly singer, and pop-punk icon, Mikaila Delgado.

Mikaila Delgado of Yours Truly wears the Yamaha YH-E700A wireless headphones

When it comes to musical equipment, history tells us that it’s pretty impossible to look past the fine folks at Yamaha. But when it comes to audio equipment like their YH-E700A wireless headphones, you might just need a bit of a recommendation to ensure you’re heading in the right direction. That’s where noted Aussie muso Mikaila Delgado.

Best known as the lead singer of Sydney pop-punk band Yours Truly, Delgado knows a little something about music, having spent not only the last six years fronting one of the country’s most riveting bands, but also having spent her entire life consuming as much music as possible.

“Music is a part of my everyday routine because it’s what I wake up with, and it’s at the last thing I did before I go to sleep,” Delgado explains. “I think that everything that you do in your daily life can be accompanied by music.

“All of us in Yours Truly grew up listening to very similar music and the same bands,” she adds. “Bands like Paramore, Halestorm, Tonight Alive, [and] You Me At Six.”

Of course, now that both Delgado and the rest of Yours Truly have evolved from budding artists, simply admiring their icons, to now creating their own art which could stand alongside the greats, they’ve had to change the focus of just how they consume music.

“Sound quality is important a lot more now than what it used to be,” Delgado explains. “We’ve recorded an album and a couple of EPs and going through mixing and mastering, and listening back to your music, you want to listen to what in the best possible quality, and it’s something that I’ve definitely appreciated when I’ve listened to other people’s music.”

“When listening back to our music with my Yamaha headphones, everything is super clear and it’s just like I’m in this world that we’ve created, and I definitely hope that other people get to experience that as well,” she continues. “So we’re definitely familiar with using Yamaha products and using them for music, and it’s been something that’s helped us along the way.”

Thankfully, she’s got the likes of Yamaha on her side, with their YH-E700A wireless headphones providing an unparalleled listening experience that allows whoever’s in charge of the tunes to immerse themselves in a powerful world of sound, and making it easy to see why the likes of Delgado is a fan of the brand.

As Yamaha explains, the YH-E700As feature a massive array of features, including stunning true sound, advanced active noise cancelling, ambient sound, listening optimisation, and more.

Additionally, the YH-E700As also come with a headphones controller app, call function, voice assistance thanks to Siri/Google Assistant, and a continuous playback time of 34 hours, meaning they’re some of the most powerful cans available.

Plus, add in the fact that they not only look sleek and powerful, and the YH-E700As aren’t just an example of technical proficiency, but a sharp aesthetic achievement as well, and helps to serve exactly the sort of thing an artist like Delgado desires.

“I use my headphones, mostly when listening to music,” she explains. “Recording music is the number one thing, ’cause you want to draw everything out. The active noise cancellation is an absolute must in my downtime.

“I like to play games, so I like to also drown out everything around me and to speak fully immersed in that, because it’s the only thing outside of music that makes me feel like relaxed and help me escape into another world.”

Of course, while noise cancellation is a must for any listener of music, Yamaha’s YH-E700A wireless headphones also boasts their Listening Care feature, helping you to cake care of your hearing in the long term by actively taking into account the loudness of the music you’re listening to, as well as the background noise, and making adjustments slowly to ensure that your ears live to hear another day.

“Taking care of my hearing is really important because as a musician, you’re constantly around loud music,” continues Delgado. “Like, whether you’re playing shows – and especially on tour, you’re listening to loud music every single night, – and it’s really hard to get away from it. And then even when, like you’re just in the van or you’re going places, you usually sing to music as well.

“So having the Listening Care feature has been amazing because it’s definitely something that I don’t want to get to an age where I lose my hearing and then I can’t play music, can’t write music, and it, you know, I can’t do this forever. And that’s the plan.”

Check out Mikaila Delgado singing the praises of the Yamaha YH-E700A wireless headphones above, and for more information on all the functionalities and features of the headphones, be sure to check out their product page on the official Yamaha website.