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Yusuf/Cat Stevens Recreates ‘Casablanca’ Nightclub in ‘Wild World’ Video

Track comes off rerecorded Tea for the Tillerman²

Yusuf/Cat Stevens touches on classic films in the new video for “Wild World.” The track comes off his reimagining of Tea for the Tillerman for the landmark album’s 50th anniversary.

The rerecorded “Wild World” is perhaps the track that deviates the most from the studio version, now a waltz that opens with a slow-burning clarinet. Directed by Effie Pappa, the video features child actors gambling in a nightclub similar to Rick’s in Casablanca, with elements of Bugsy Malone and Wes Anderson films.

A young Ingrid Bergman requests a tune. “Let’s hear an old song from Cat,” she tells the piano man. “‘Wild World,’ for old time’s sake.” Later, she and an astronaut leave their table, floating away into space.

“The film shows how much we need art to direct our thoughts sometimes toward inexpressible goals,” Yusuf said in a statement, “to relive early childlike innocence and keep our eyes of hope open beyond the clouds of war and material darknesses.”

Yusuf released Tea for the Tillerman² last month. He recently performed “Wild World” on Late Show With Stephen Colbert. “Wild World” follows the videos for “Father and Son,” “On the Road to Find Out,” and “Where Do the Children Play?

“This album is very important because it’s celebrating so many people,” he told Rolling Stone in May. “It’s their soundtrack and people’s memories are so intertwined with the notes of this album and the music of this album. I hope a lot of people will love to grow this new album.”

From Rolling Stone US