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Yungblud Announces Sophomore Album ‘Weird!’

Punky U.K. pop star also released new song “God Save Me, But Don’t Drown Me Out”

Yungblud has just announced the release date and tracklist for his sophomore album Weird!, along with the new track, “God Save Me, But Don’t Drown Me Out.”

Weird! will be released on November 13th and will feature previously released songs like the title track and “Strawberry Lipstick.” On “God Save Me,” the 23-year-old tries to calm himself down before he goes to sleep. “And I won’t let my insecurities define who I am, I am/Not gonna waste my life, ’cause I’ve been fucked up/’Cause it doesn’t matter,” he screams on the cathartic chorus.

Yungblud kicked off this album cycle while quarantining with friends in Los Angeles. He released the song “Weird!” in late April with a video he filmed on a $100 budget. He also launched a YouTube Originals series called Stay Home With Yungblud around the same time. Earlier this month, he appeared on Bring Me the Horizon’s new song “Obey,” which was partially inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Weird! Tracklist

  1. “Teresa”
  2. “Cotton Candy”
  3. “Strawberry Lipstick”
  4. “Mars”
  5. “Superdeadfriends”
  6. “Love Song”
  7. “God Save Me, But Don’t Drown Me Out”
  8. “Ice Cream Man”
  9. “Weird!”
  10. “Charity”
  11. “It’s Quiet in Beverly Hills”
  12. “The Freak Show”

From Rolling Stone US