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Welcome to Yung Milla’s ‘Land Down Under’

The rising Marranungu rapper has released his straight-shooting new single, ‘Land Down Under’, which is “less paradise, more gangsta”

Yung Milla


Yung Milla comes from a land down under, just a different one to you.

Hailing from the Top End, the rising Marranungu rapper has released his straight-shooting new single, “Land Down Under”, which is “less paradise, more gangsta.”

“‘Land Down Under’ is a song about my crew, and the town where I grew up. Like a lot of places up here it’s got problems and we get through by sticking together and staying strong, trying to make it out, looking up rather than down,” Yung Milla explains.

Make no mistake: “Land Down Under” isn’t a condemnation but a celebration, which is why the rapper’s already watched thousands jump around ecstatically to the track at many Top End gatherings, including at Barunga Festival earlier this year. “I’m repping my city, the king of my state / Land down under Aussie got me yelling yeah mate,” he fires proudly in the track.

Still only 20, Yung Milla seems destined for the same ascent to the top of Australian hip hop as his brother, J-MILLA. Yung Milla actually credits his brother for putting him on the correct path in life, and today he helps guide other young Aboriginal men through their own troubled times.

“Like the song says, I know I’m not perfect,” he admits. “I’m a young man trying to right my wrongs. I’ve still got stuff to deal with, and it ain’t easy to live with that. Here in my land down under it makes me want to head for the top and take my boys with me. We will always look out for each other. We tight.”

You can watch the accompanying music video, directed by Tully Hemsley, for the first time below. Filmed in Darwin CBD, the clip shows day in the life of Yung Milla.

“Making this clip was maad! Those boys are my crew, we got each others back and I really wanted them to be a part of making this clip with me. It’s theirs too,” he says.

Yung Milla’s “Land Down Under” is out now.