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Xenia Rubinos Has a Bummed-Out New Year in ‘Did My Best’ Video

“I felt that making this video was my own healing ritual,” Rubinos says

Xenia Rubinos is anything but the life of the New Year’s Eve party in the new video for “Did My Best,” directed by Mario Rubén Carrión.

Rubinos appears to be festive — decked out in a sparkly dress and tiara — but she’s alienated and desperately wants to leave the celebration. She puts on her fur coat and nearly jumps off the rooftop as fireworks shoot into the sky, but then is seen driving a car. She ultimately ends up with a bouquet of roses at the beach, walking into the ocean.

“I felt that making this video was my own healing ritual,” Rubinos said in a statement. “It’s my wish that this song can be a resting place for somebody’s feelings, that they can feel themselves inside of it and wrap themselves up in it when they need to.”

“This is a song about a sudden loss and wishing to see this person you never got to say goodbye to again,” Rubinos said of the track. “I remember the moment when I felt I was done singing, it’s like when you cry so hard you forget why you were crying in the first place. As we listened back, the hairs on my arms and legs stood straight up, I felt my face getting hot. I suddenly felt that old familiar feeling. In that moment, in the basement during an eerie quarantine night of fireworks and ambulance sirens, I suddenly remembered why I sing.”

Rubinos’ last LP was 2016’s Black Terry Cat. Last fall, she dropped the single “Who Shot Ya?” and appeared on Helado Negro’s “I Fell in Love.

From Rolling Stone US