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Run the Jewels and 2 Chainz Get Robbed by the ‘Get Duked!’ Cast in New Video

British youths run amok through a treasure-filled mansion in hip-hop duo’s latest clip

A drunk and stoned group of young dudes don’t make for the stealthiest cat-burgling team, but they’re definitely fun to watch. In the new video for Run the Jewels’ “Out of Sight,” four friends traipse through a palatial estate, while dodging laser beams and trying not to trip over their own feet. They eventually find what they’re looking for: a set of golden gloves — just like the ones pictured on the RTJ4 album cover — and a case of glowing jewels that trigger a psychedelic experience when eaten.

The video stars actors Rian Gordon, Samuel Bottomley, Lewis Gribben, and Viraj Juneja, who also star in Amazon Prime original Get Duked!, an edgy new comedy about a camping trip in the Scottish Highlands gone haywire. Run the Jewels members Killer Mike and El-P, along with 2 Chainz, make appearances throughout the clip, sometimes as disgruntled paintings on the wall and animated stone busts. The video was directed by Ninian Doff, who is also the writer and director of Get Duked!.

“Out of Sight” is featured on the acclaimed hip-hop duo’s fourth studio album RTJ4, which dropped in early June. The song samples Foster Sylvers’ 1973 song “Misdemeanor,” which Dr. Dre also sampled for The D.O.C.’s “It’s Funky Enough” in 1989. The song is also used in the Get Duked! movie trailer.

From Rolling Stone US