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Voom Ponder Cosmic Connections on New Single ‘Everyone’

The Auckland indie rock band’s latest release was inspired by a Big Bang dream


Dave Simpson

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Auckland indie rock band Voom have released a new single exploring the human condition.

The song, simply titled “Everyone”, was born from a dream Voom’s Buzz Moller had about the Big Bang. He explains it in vivid, if slightly trippy, detail:

“I saw the whole universe exploding from a singularity in slow motion and all the particles were crying “Noooo!” with their hands out towards each other as they got torn apart,” he says.

That cosmic vision led Moller to craft this reflective tune, his big unifying anthem of sorts. It’s a pleasing, laidback jangly guitar strummer, all about how we are one and connected, even though we often feel like we aren’t.

“I woke up and realised every atom in the universe loves every other atom and wants to get back together. If you leave two rocks floating in space they will start moving towards each other. Humans are just complex versions of this and everyone has the same unquenched longing built in from birth till death. You never get rid of it,” he continues.

“You might reduce it with love or spiritual connection so it doesn’t feel like you’re apart from everything else but it’s there until the universe runs its course and collapses together again. On the bright side that’s also the reason we exist and the driving force of all life. Of course it was only a dream.”

Voom have paired the release with cover artwork featuring a bowl of noodles with many floating eyes—definitely an eye-catching cover.

“Everyone” is Voom’s second single of the year, following last month’s “Martin Phillipps” honouring The Chills legend of the same name.

It’s set to be a busy couple of months for Voom as they tour around New Zealand with Reb Fountain and 2024 Taite Music Prize winner Vera Ellen (talk about dream gig bills). The trio will perform in Christchurch, Dunedin, Wellington, and Auckland through May and June (see full details here).

Voom’s “Everyone” is out now via Flying Nun Records.