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Violent Soho Preview New Music with Street Signs, Hotline

Violent Soho are giving fans a taste of their latest album thanks to a number of street signs around the country, and an unassuming hotline.

Image of Violent Soho

Violent Soho are gearing up to release "Everything Is A-OK" on April 3.

Sean Pyke/Press

If you’re eager to hear a preview of the upcoming Violent Soho album, all you need to do is pick up your phone.

The last few months have undoubtedly been an interesting time to be a fan of Violent Soho. While they treated their followers to new music last year following a cryptic poster campaign, a pair of new songs soon followed alongside their return to the live stage.

Just last month though, the Mansfield outfit announced an east coast headline tour the old-fashioned way, by utilising gig posters and the ability to only purchase tickets in store. The result was a massive turnout which not only resulted in folks lining up around the block to score a pass, but also saw Melbourne’s Oh! Jean Records reveal the group’s next album would arrive in April.

Titled Everything Is A-OK, the record is set for release on Friday, April 3rd, though the group have decided to give fans a sneak peek a week early.

Image of Violent Soho's album poster

Violent Soho have shared posters in capital cities, including one seen in Adelaide. (Photo by The Music)

As the folks over at The Music have noted, signs in around the country’s capitals have begun to spring up serving as a positive beacon of hope. While Australia is in lockdown, signs have appeared outside of The Tote in Melbourne and on Rundle Street in Adelaide notifying people that “Everything Is A-OK”.

Beneath the message of hope – which features Comic Sans font, a smiley face, and the I OH YOU logo, a phone number is attached, which, when rung, offers snippets of the group’s latest album.

Sharing the release of the video for “Pick It Up Again” last week, the band noted in a statement that an accompanying album tour was on the cards, but has since been pushed back due to the current state of things.

“We were going to announce a tour today, but in light of the current climate it didn’t feel right to do so,” they explained. “We love you all and promise to throw some huge parties when it’s clear that it’s safe to. Till then, take care of ya selves.”

In related news, Violent Soho recently polled highly in triple j’s Hottest 100 of the Decade, making their sole appearance at #4 with their breakthrough hit, “Covered in Chrome”.