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Van Morrison Releases New Song ‘Love Should Come With a Warning’

Musician plots first livestream concert following release of new album, Latest Record Project: Volume 1

Van Morrison has dropped a new song, “Love Should Come With a Warning,” from his upcoming double-album, Latest Record Project: Volume 1, set to arrive May 7th via Exile/BMG.

“Love Should Come With a Warning” is a vintage bit of heartbroken soul, although the song’s snappy instrumentation and Morrison’s lyrics give it a cheeky edge: “She was smoking and drinking,” Morrison sings, “And I just can’t get to sleep/Man, she’s a better actress/Than Meryl Streep/I should see her right up there/On the silver screen/I’m telling you now/She’d steal every scene.”

“Love Should Come With a Warning” is the third song Morrison has shared from Latest Record Project, following the self-aware title track and “Only a Song.” Latest Record Project: Volume 1 is Morrison’s 42nd studio album and boasts 28 songs, which the musician wrote and recorded in quarantine (which, as he’s repeatedly said, he’s not particularly fond of).

One day after the release of Latest Record Project, May 8th, Morrison will play his first virtual performance in partnership with Nugs.net. The show will take place at Real World Studios in Wiltshire, England, and will find Morrison performing several new songs and a selection of classics. The performance will air live at 3 p.m. ET and tickets are available now.

From Rolling Stone US