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triple j Are Opening the Request Line for Their First Ever ‘Requestival’

triple j are letting the listeners choose the playlist next week, with their ‘Requestival’ meaning every song on the airwaves will be by request only.

Image of the artwork for triple j and their 'Requestival' broadcast

triple j are opening the request line next week with the launch of 'Requestival'.

triple j/Supplied

triple j are set to listen to their listeners all of next week, with the upcoming programming schedule set to be chosen entirely based upon requests.

For as long as triple j has existed, the station has been known to take the choices of its listeners rather seriously. Why, they very fact that their annual Hottest 100 is the largest public-voted music poll in the world is testament to that fact, while previous events such as their Impossible Music Festival saw fans choose a weekend of archival programming.

Now, the national broadcaster is opening up its playlist and letting listeners have their say by way of the first ever Requestival.

Announced today, the week-long event sees triple j asking listeners to chime in with their say and choose the content they play on the station next week; including segments such as Live at the Wireless, Friday Mix, and House Party.

“We also promise to play songs that have rarely or never been played on triple j,” triple j note in a press release. “You might even hear *that* song.”

While it’s not quite clear what “*that* song” is, they’re likely referring to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”, which was infamously excluded from voting in the Hottest 100 of 2014 due to a campaign to effectively “troll the poll”.

However, it’s less likely they’re referring to a potential appearance from the infamous “Back Door Man”, by Pauline Pantsdown, which went before the courts in 1997, with controversial politician Pauline Hanson getting the track banned from airplay amid great controversy.

It all takes place from 6am to 9pm every day from Monday, May 25th through to Friday, May 29th.

For fans to get involved in the process, all they have to do is to download the triple j app, though the station does require voters to list the reason they’ve chosen the track, with the best stories and requests on track to win some triple j prizes.