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Tim Heidecker Contemplates Life After Death on New Song ‘Nothing’

Weyes Blood contributes to new album Fear of Death, out September 25th

Tim Heidecker ponders the afterlife in “Nothing,” the latest single from his upcoming album Fear of Death, out September 25th via Spacebomb Records.

Co-written with Natalie Mering, a.k.a. Weyes Blood, “Nothing” sees Heidecker coming to terms with mortality — and what lies on the other side: “Nothing, that’s what it amounts to, they say/A black void waiting down the road for us one day.”

On the recording session for “Nothing,” which he calls “one of the more spiritual and emotional moments of my creative life,” Heidecker says: “I wanted to write a religious-sounding song about agnosticism. I wrote it a little poppier/jauntier, but working with Natalie and Drew [Erickson], we smoothed it out into something more haunting and in my opinion beautiful. We crammed the session into the end of an overdub day/night, just the three of us doing it live with Natalie adding those incredible angel harmonies over the bridge. Drew and [Jonathan] Rado later added all sorts of goodness to it.”

He adds: “The second verse is a very literal description of my experience at the SXSW premiere of Us. I’m pretty proud of this one in general. I hope it delivers some goosebumps.”

From Rolling Stone US