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Tierra Whack Drops Two New Songs, ‘Peppers and Onions,’ ‘Feel Good’

Songs arrive on the heels of rapper’s first solo single of the year, “Dora”

Tierra Whack has released a pair of new songs, “Peppers and Onions” and “Feel Good.”

“Peppers and Onions” boasts a playful beat centered around whistling, the percussive but melodic click of a tongue against the roof of a mouth, and some booming bass hits to hold down the low end. Whack’s versatile vocal performance perfectly matches the production, although her lyrics grapple earnestly with the pressures of fame and human fallibility: “I don’t wanna be judged, I just wanna be me,” she raps, “Even though we buy chains, we just wanna be free.”

“Feel Good,” meanwhile, is a much shorter and pensive track that finds Whack searching for joy amid a distant piano and soft synth plinks: “I got everybody looking at me/Like why she don’t feel good?” Whack wonders, “I done seen the stars, I done seen the lights/But I can’t forget that I’m still hood.”