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Hear Thurston Moore’s Stripped-Down Cover of Galaxie 500’s ‘Another Day’

Cover is part of tribute series in preparation for Record Store Day reissue

Gearing up for the upcoming reissue of Galaxie 500’s live LP Copenhagen on Record Store Day, Thurston Moore has shared a cover of “Another Day.”

“Another Day” was originally released on 1989’s On Fire and sung by bassist Naomi Yang. Moore strips down the dream-pop band’s instrumentation, using just an acoustic guitar and vocals. “‘Cause it’s OK if every day/Is not the same way,” he sings. “It’s just another way/That every day is not the same.”

“I first heard of Galaxie 500 when I was walking around downtown NYC in 1988 with Susanne Sasic, who was working with Sonic Youth — first as a T-shirt seller at the gigs, then as lighting designer — and we saw a little flyer wheatpasted on a wall with Galaxie 500’s name on it, where they were playing a gig at some long lost little space,” Moore recalled. “Susanne, who was also working at the legendary Pier Platters record store in Hoboken, New Jersey, mentioned that the band had a single (‘Tugboat’/’King of Spain’), which was super cool.”

“She was absolutely right about the single, though I don’t recall going to the gig,” he added. “But eventually I saw them and was struck by their mellifluous minimalism and swooning ‘verb-drenched slather tone. Of course, they were already classic and, of course, they would, and will, always remain one of the best, most remarkable bands from a time when being noisy, aggressive, amped up, and skuzzy was the prescription of the day — Galaxie 500, in some otherworldly way, brought us back to Earth so we could recalibrate and soar anew.”

Moore’s rendition is part of a Galaxie 500 daily cover series in celebration of the reissue. It kicked off on August 3rd with Kiwi Jr.’s take on “Tugboat.” The series, hosted by 20-20-20 and curated by Guided by Voices and Yoko Ono manager David Newgarden, will conclude on August 31st.

On September 25th, Moore will release a new album, By the Fire, via his Daydream Library Series label. The record marks his sixth solo LP, following 2017’s Rock n Roll Consciousness. Moore previewed the new album with the single “Hashish” in June. Earlier that month, he released the nine-minute instrumental “Strawberry Moon” on Bandcamp.

From Rolling Stone US