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See the Network, Which Isn’t Green Day in Disguise, Perform on ‘Fallon’

Long-dormant costumed new wave band plays “Threat Level Midnight” for late-night TV debut


The Network — who are not Green Day under their masks — made their late-night debut Friday with a virtual performance of “Threat Level Midnight” on The Tonight Show.

Although the Network sounds a lot like Green Day, and their luchador mask-wearing drummer looks a lot Tre Cool, and they are also signed to the same label as Green Day (Warner Records), the long-dormant new wave band have been insisting since their 2003 formation that they are not a Green Day side project.

The mysterious band first released their 2003 debut album Money Money 2020, opened a few shows for Green Day and then disappeared, only to return in December 2020 with Money Money 2020 Part II: We Told Ya So!, which features “Threat Level Midnight.”


The Tonight Show performance itself, seemingly filmed to VHS, looks like it was recorded from a public access television talk show in the Eighties, with the costumed Network wreaking havoc on the soundstage. The only thing that grounds the performance to any recent decade is that the song is named after an episode of The Office.

In other non-Network-related news, Green Day debuted a new song earlier this week titled “Here Comes the Shock,” the band’s first new music since their own 2020 LP Father of All…

From Rolling Stone US