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The Avalanches Sign up For Virtual ‘Since I Left You’ Listening Party

The Avalanches are set to take a look back at their seminal debut album later this month, taking part in a virtual listening party with Tim Burgess.

Image of The Avalanches

The Avalanches' 'Since I Left You' celebrates its 20th anniversary later this year.

Grant Spanier/Supplied

The Avalanches are set to take a look back on their seminal debut record later this month, signing up to take part in a virtual listening party spearheaded by Tim Burgess.

The Charlatans frontman has been making headlines for his online listening parties lately, having teamed up with a number of notable artists as they take the time to revisit a classic album from their discography, sharing stories, anecdotes, and facts about the record.

While members of bands such as Oasis and The Libertines have signed up to take part, so have the likes of The The’s Matt Johnson, and Pulp, with the latter reactivating their Twitter account specifically for the occasion.

The events have fast become popular activities, with Burgess telling Britain’s Channel 4 (via Music Feeds) that “the beauty of it is is that the artist tells you how they made it, shares memories with people who are eager for information.”

“I think you can feel it, because obviously we can’t be in the same room as many other people, but you know that thousands of other people around the world are actually listening at the same time, and you can almost feel the power of it,” he added.

Now, this month is set to feature an appearance by none other than renowned Aussie outfit The Avalanches, who will take the time to revisit their 2000 debut, Since I left You.

Arguably one of the most famous Australian records of the 21st century, The Avalanches utilised countless samples to create an album that feels equal parts fresh and nostalgic. Considered one of the best records of all-time by numerous publications, it’s a noted favourite amongst famed artists such as Questlove of The Roots.

Taking place at 7am on Sunday, April 26th AEST (or 10pm GMT the night before), the duo of Tony Di Blasi and Robbie Chater are set to join Burgess on Twitter as they go about “sharing memories track by track” over the space of an hour.

In related news, The Avalanches recently released a pair of new songs, with “We Will Always Love You” and “Running Red Lights” ostensibly serving as the first taste of their upcoming third record. It’s currently unclear when this record is set to be released, though it’s expected that 20th anniversary celebrations for Since I Left You are also set to take place later in the year.