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The Apartments Share New Single, ‘What’s Beauty To Do?’

The new track serves as the second single from The Apartments’ forthcoming record, In and Out of The Light.

Bleddyn Butcher*

With just a week to go until the release of The Apartments’ new album In and Out of The Light, Peter Milton Walsh has shared the latest single to be taken from the record.

Premiering overnight, “What’s Beauty to Do?” captures the essence of what makes Walsh such an acclaimed, with his stunning delivery and strangely poignant lyrics making the single feel as though it was one written for the times the world finds itself in.

“I went into recording this new album the way I always have — with the hope of creating something beautiful,” Walsh said of the track.

“While I was immersed in the secluded, lamp-lit world of the studio and the music, the world outside was all chaos and confusion. In more turmoil than at any point in my lifetime. Troubles that could have been fixed were not being fixed. Changes for the better that had been made long ago were being reversed.

“I had been asking myself what good beauty could do in the face of all this? No matter how broken the world, songs, paintings, films, and stories can bring beauty to it that will outlast the times in which they have been created. Songs have an afterlife. And when the lights of hope go out one by one, that beauty is still there for you. What’s beauty to you? It’s a light in the dark.”

The track also comes accompanied by a music video, directed by Darren Cross, which depicts Walsh as he walks around Sydney as the song plays.

“What’s Beauty to Do?” is set to feature on The Apartments’ In and Out of The Light when it arrives on September 18th, with “Pocketful of Sunshine” serving as the record’s first single back in July.

The Apartments’ In and Out of The Light is set to be released on September 18th, with pre-orders available now.