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thatboykwame’s ‘anXXXiety attackkk!’ Promises a Fresh Start

The album announcement comes after a big rebranding for the Western Sydney artist



Thatboykwame (formerly known as Kwame) is set to release his debut album, anXXXiety attackkk!, on July 5th.

The announcement comes after a rebranding for the Western Sydney artist, featuring recent singles like “anecdote” and “nothintwosay”, although these won’t appear on the album. Instead, anXXXiety attackkk! showcases ten brand new songs, all written, produced, and performed by thatboykwame.

The album marks a bold step in thatboykwame’s career, not just musically but also in terms of production, launching under his new imprint, THISSIDEOURSIDE.

Excluding recent singles in favour of fresh material suggests a narrative and artistic depth that thatboykwame is eager to explore.

The album, anXXXiety attackkk! delves into intense emotional and psychological experiences like self-immolation, pain, agony, and suffering, describing the album as an “intense therapy session.” Through his lyrics, thatboykwame aims to connect with listeners on a deeply personal level, offering communal healing.

“The album serves as the codes, ethics and guidelines to overcoming the constant battle within ourselves that we as individuals struggle to defeat,” a statement from Impressed Recordings states about the album.

“Themes such as self-immolation, pain, agony and suffering come to life through the analog sonic design of the album, and the raw and honest truth in which thatboykwame demonstrates and delivers through lyrics of personal struggles in a clear attempt to connect with individuals of all walks of life. Serving as an intense therapy session, the album creates the silver lining in gaining mastery over the voice in our head telling us otherwise.”

Prior to this album, thatboykwame showcased his versatility through EPs like Lesson Learned (2017), Endless Conversations (2018), Please, Get Home Safe (2020), and thatboykwame (2022). His production chops also feature on Tasman Keith’s A Colour Undone and collaborations with artists like 1300, DZ Deathrays, Holy Holy, and B Wise.

Thatboykwame’s anXXXiety attackkk! can be pre-ordered on vinyl here.