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Stone Temple Pilots Wrestle With Longing on New Song ‘Miles Away’

Band share latest single off acoustic LP Perdida

Scott Legato/Getty Images

Stone Temple Pilots wrestle with longing on their new song “Miles Away,” the latest single off their upcoming acoustic LP Perdida.

The LP, the band’s second with new vocalist Jeff Gutt, was recorded mostly with vintage instruments, with violin and a marxophone — a form of zither — featuring prominently alongside the acoustic guitars.

Speaking to Spin, who debuted the track, Gutt said of “Miles Away”: “That was something Robert [DeLeo, bassist] brought in and he was excited about it. When Robert comes into the studio excited about an idea, you listen. So we were all ears. After that, the song kind of just fell into place, with all of us working it out. I really gravitated toward it because I can relate it to so many things that have happened in my life. So I tried to put a personal touch on it where I could.”

Perdida, which translates to “loss” in Spanish, marks Stone Temple Pilots’ first acoustic album. The band previously shared “Fare Thee Well” from the album, arriving this Friday.

“This is an album we’ve been wanting to make for quite some time,” Robert DeLeo previously said of the LP. “Most of our songs start acoustically and we felt these would come across in the most genuine way if we kept them that way.”

Gutt, who wrote the majority of Perdida’s lyrics, added: “I was looking back at difficult moments in my life. I was trying to be vulnerable and that’s a scary thing to do, but it’s also kind of comfortable.”

An unplugged tour in support of Perdida was unfortunately canceled in January after Gutt announced he had to undergo surgery and rehabilitation following a herniated disc.